The Deepest Hamas Tunnel Ever Dug & The IDF’s New “Smart Wall”

Illustrative. Photo from inside a Hamas attack tunnel. (IDF spokesperson)

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The IDF recently revealed information on a Hamas terror tunnel that was discovered on the Gaza border last month.

The tunnel, which was excavated by Hamas terrorists at a rate of five meters per day,  descends 242 feet (74 meters) underground, so deep the IDF constructed an elevator to allow soldiers to descend into the tunnel. The tunnel’s length is over 1.2 miles long (2 kilometers), extending from the Gazan city of Khan Younis deep into Israeli territory.

The IDF has almost completed the construction of a “smart wall,” an underground concrete barrier equipped with radar and optical sensors that will be capable of detecting intruders and tunnels dug from the Gaza Strip, preventing Hamas from carrying out attacks from underground tunnels in any future war.

The wall will also be equipped with remote-controlled armed vehicles and drones that are capable of detecting border breaches. The “smart wall,” officially called the “Smart and Lethal Border,” will allow the IDF to reduce the number of soldiers needed and help keep those soldiers that are required away from danger.

This project is currently being tested on a six-kilometer stretch of the northern Gaza border. The pilot program should be completed in the next few months and will then be expanded to the entire 51-kilometer border.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)