WATCH: Israeli Security Forces Arrest Terrorist Who Murdered Esther Horgan

Screenshot (Israel Police spokesperson); Esther Horgan, h'yd

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Israel Police released a video on Monday showing officers from Yamam (Israel’s National Counter-terrorism Unit) arresting the terrorist suspected of the murder of Esther Horgan last week near Tel Menashe.

The footage, recorded by the helmet cameras of the Yamam officers, shows the officers carrying out searches in the Palestinian village of Toura near Jenin.

The officers then enter the home of the suspect and arrest him. The arrest, carried out on Thursday, was a joint operation by Israel Police, the IDF and Border Police.

The security forces were informed by intelligence units on Thursday around noon that the suspect was located at his mother’s home in Toura. The Yamam officers traveled to the village, and with the assistance of intelligence drones, located the suspect on the roof.

Following the arrest, the Paratroopers Special Unit arrived at the scene and arrested family members and others suspected of assisting the terrorist.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)