Watch: Emotional Meeting Of Rav Berel Lazar With Yemeni Jews


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As YWN reported, the United Arab Emirates last week helped reunite two more Jewish Yemeni families who had been separated for 21 years.

Rav Berel Lazer, the Chief Rabbi of Russia, who is currently visiting the UAE, used his personal connection with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahya, to request assistance for the families as well as the first family that was reunited in August.

Rav Lazar, who was visiting the UAE, held an emotional meeting with the families in the living quarters that the Emirati government has provided for them in Abu Dhabi. In the course of the meeting, Rav Lazar listened to the children reciting from the Chumash in the Teimani nusach used for thousands of years.

Rav Lazar was in the UAE as a part of an annual chizuk trip for outstanding students of Yachad, an organization that is active in teaching Torah to hundreds of thousands of Jewish students in Russia.

In the course of the visit, a wedding of two Yachad graduates was held in the courtyard of the Chabad shul in Dubai, officiated by Rav Lazar and Dubai-based Rav Levi Duchman. The couple from Moscow got engaged almost a year ago but the wedding was delayed to the pandemic. Yachad Rabbanim and staff members were honored with reciting the brachos under the chuppah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)