Tragedy In Israel: 49-yr.-Old Virus Patient Dies In Emergency Room


A 49-year-old woman ill with COVID-19 who had no preexisting health conditions collapsed and died in the emergency room of Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer on Sunday.

Doctors performed resuscitation techniques for a prolonged period of time but ultimately were forced to declare her death.

The doctors believe that she relied on home treatment for too long, arriving too late at the emergency room for doctors to stabilize her, according to a report by Channel 13.

Sheba Hospital recently increased the number of beds in its coronavirus ICU by 50% but was able to close two regular coronavirus wards on Sunday due to the decrease in infections in recent days.

Israel’s reproduction number continues to decrease, standing at 0.82 on Tuesday, the lowest in three months.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)