Gantz: Re-Open Schools But Shut Down Purim


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In spite of the success of Israel’s vaccine operation, the Israeli Corona Cabinet has already decided upon a number of new regulations for the upcoming Purim holiday, in an effort to minimize group gatherings and the spread of the disease. The health Ministry recalls what happened last year during Purim, and looks at it as the beginning of the spread of the virus in Israel.

While touring Ben Gurion airport, Defense Minister Benny Gantz, publicly demanded that additional sanctions be placed on the public during the holiday. “We must act diligently in order to prevent large gatherings. We will need to put on additional regulations in order to safeguard public health,” Gantz said during an interview.

A forum of 15 leading cities in Israel, which include, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ashdod and others, decided to open up schools for 7ht-10th graders in addition to other classes, even though the government refused to allow this request when it was made by the Education Ministry. Gantz, supported the decision of the cities, even though it contradicts his other actions regarding the holiday of Purim. “We need to open up schools, even grades 7-10. This is certainly true for green and yellow cities, and we will act in order to allow this to happen.”

Gantz also demanded that Ben Gurion be opened to the public and flights be allowed to depart and enter Israel once again. “We need to reopen the airport but carefully, following thorough testing that we need to do here. The airport needs to be active once again. Israel is an island country and we need to open it. We will do this at the earliest possible opportunity, and in a responsible manner.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)