WATCH: 21.5 Yrs Of Waiting: Baby Born After Parents Fulfill Directive Of HaRav Chaim Kanievsky

HaRav Chaim promised them a child if they would build a mikva in a place that never had one.

After 21 and a half years of marriage, a baby girl was born on Shabbos to a couple from Beit Shemesh nine months after fulfilling the instructions of HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky.

A year and a half ago, Itzik and Efrat Churi turned to HaRav Chaim after years of disappointment, during which they pursued medical treatment in Israel and around the world as well as efforts in ruchniyus, including opening a kollel.

HaRav Chaim told the couple that if they build a mikva in a place that never had one, they would see a yeshua.

The couple, with the help of their relatives, began raising the large amount of funds necessary for building a mikvah and found a location that fulfilled HaRav Chaim’s requirement – Moshav Zohar in the south of Israel.

Nine months after the dedication of the mikvah, the bracha of HaRav Chaim was fulfilled and the Churis held their first child in their arms.

“I learned from this that there’s no such thing as despair,” the elated father told Kikar H’Shabbat. “We have Hashem and He has shilichim, and our shaliach and of all of Am Yisrael is HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky – who has the zechus of limud Torah b’hasmada for many years – whatever emits from his mouth is kodesh kedoshim.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Wow! Wow! MAZLTOV! A chizuk for many couples. May the new Tatte and Mamme see real yidish nachas gezunterheit. Sucha beautiful posting by YWN. Keep it coming!

  2. These stories are beyond insensitive to couples stuggling with infertility. Please don’t share this…especially with anyone who doesn’t have kids…it is beyond shameful and ridiculously insensitive to real struggles…

    Its basically saying to them, “hey its your own fault you dont have kids…if only you built a mikvah.”

    These stories are not inspirational they are insensitive and likely embellished anyways.

    Please please please dont spread this!

  3. Mel – I also waited for children
    Why is it hurtful for couples struggling with this? No one is telling them to go and build a mikva
    Maybe it will give couples waiting chizuk that their yeshua will come even if they have been waiting for a very long time.
    This was their time.
    May everyone be bensched with healthy children very soon.

  4. Deracheha_darchei_noam, we live in their neighborhood in Ramat Beit Shemesh and it’s 100% true. Many neighbors came to greet the new parents when they arrived home from the hospital. Lots of photos made the rounds on WhatsApp!

  5. @Deracheha_darchei_noam
    It’s 100% accurate. The couple live 2 mins from me in RBS A. They are lovely people. She runs a ‘gan’ (kindergarden) and all ‘her kids’ love her.
    Mazel tov

  6. @Mel
    No, it gives hope to those who are struggling through the same issues, not to give up, anything can change, the doctors don’t always get it right.
    Spread the inspiration.

  7. First, it’s always a pleasure to read good news in YWN instead of the non-Jewish nonsense that fills most of the pages. Mazel tov to the parents and much nachat for the entire mishpucha!

    That said… I am of two minds here. Hashem rules the world, that is for certain. He decides who and when couples are blessed with babies. Of course, without playing our part, then Hashem’s miracles have no vessel.

    I subscribe to the rationalist view. Everything we do as Jews has a purpose in this world and in Olam Haba. We can only understand this world. So each mitzvah has to have a practical purpose. Kashrut, for example, teaches one self restraint and to control human appetites. So I am not one to believe that building a mikvah creates magical fairy dust from whence children come. However… I have seen this before. My little shul “out of town” built a mikvah some years back. A Satmar woman donated the money, though we have no affiliation with Satmar. The Rebbe told her to donate a mikvah and she would have a child after 10-15 years of trying. And indeed, this happened. 10 months after she donated the money, she came down to our town with baby in hand to join in the opening of the mikvah!

    Rationalist in me says that there was no fairy dust, but the act if donating the mikvah created a strong belief and perhaps relaxation in the couple that they had finally found the right action. And the self-affirmation and relaxation allowed the conditions biologically for the miracle to happen.

    So I think share such stories may give chizuk for other couole trying to have babies. Not that one must donate a mikvah, but that there are things we can do in this world to help the biology and spirituality needed to have a baby.