New Details On The 13 Yemeni Jews Deported To Arab State

Roi Kais Twitter

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The 13 Jews recently deported from Yemen as part of a deal with the Iran-backed Houthis, are currently in Egypt, Kan News reported on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, Levi Salem Marhabi, who spent the last six years in prison for helping to smuggle a Sefer Torah to Israel and was supposed to be released as part of the deal, is still in prison. Negotiations to release him are ongoing.

Some of the members of the group wish to move to Israel but one member is against it, according to the Kan report.

If they don’t end up moving to Israel, it’s possible they’ll move to the United Arab Emirates, as other Yemeni families have done over the past year.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Dear ujm .
    They should move where they can maintain their own mesorah and yiddishkeit. The authorities in Israel have a very bad record of historically ripping Sfardi and Yemeni olim from their yiddidhkeit. The USA is much too materialistic for such people, and too much of a culture shock. The UAE might be their best choice.