Gutnick Pleads With Netanyahu To Step Aside, Run For President And “Act According To Wishes Of The Rebbe”


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Australian philanthropist Rabbi Joseph Gutnick is privately encouraging Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to step aside as prime minister.

Gutnick, who funded Netanyahu’s first run for prime minister, told him that he should allow another right-wing candidate to receive the mandate to form a government and pave the way for the Yamina and New Hope parties to be incorporated into the Likud.

“Dear Bibi, please do not let the opportunity of forming a 65/66 right-wing government slip away,” Gutnick texted Netanyahu. “Act according to the wishes of the Rebbe.”

“Accept the honor of being President of Israel through which you can achieve so much. Bring Saar and Bennett into Likud and allow primaries to vote in a new PM. Do not let us down.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Perhaps the Rebbe has conveyed his instructions more recently, through one of the methods referenced in רמב״ם ע״ז פי״א

  2. The Rebbe wanted a right wing government for any price, so that is what Gutnik is suggesting according to the pracrical circumstances