Police Arrest Arab Who Posted Video Of Yeshiva Bochur Being Slapped On Face


Israel Police on Thursday arrested an Arab who posted a video on Tiktok of his friend slapping a yeshiva bochur on the face on the Jerusalem light rail on Wednesday evening.

The 21-year-old suspect is a resident of the Beit Chanina neighborhood in Jerusalem. The assailant who slapped the bochur has not yet been identified.

The clip was posted on TikTok, with a caption stating: “You will continue to delete and I will continue to upload. It’s either the Palestinian people or you.”

The clip quickly went viral, drawing angry condemnations from public figures and politicians.

Yehudah Auerbach, the father of the 14-year-old bochur who was slapped, said that his son, who was on his way from his yeshiva to his home in Neve Yaakov, returned home in an agitated state.

“The slap he received was intended for every one of us just for being a Jew,” he told Army Radio. “Today it’s a slap, tomorrow it could be a knife.”

“The video of a young man being attacked on the Jerusalem light rail is extremely shocking,” said Housing Minister Yaakov Litzman. “Israel Poice must detain the assailant immediately. Today it’s a slap and tomorrow it could be a knifing or shooting. The assailant belongs in jail.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. And Twitter liberal hypocrites didn’t take this down because. . . ?
    Imagine an Arab being slapped by a yeshiva guy?
    Or a black privileged fellow being slapped by a white guy?
    The UN would already be involved!!

  2. Targeting Charedim, who everyone knows (by in large) do mot serve in the military, exposes the crude Prevelant Arab Racism (even inside Israel). Not “anti-occuoation” crap.

  3. Bs”d
    Why did the Arab hit that particular bochur? Because he wasn’t wearing a mask. From the Arab’s friend’s remarks when he posted the video, you can see he has hatred for Yidden, but the boy’s father missed the point , that his son may have been causing a chillul Hashem b/c he is the only one not wearing a mask. The bochur’s friend wasn’t wearing a mask correctly, but at least he was wearing one somehow. Why wasn’t the bochur wearing a mask? The question should be, would the Arab have hit the bochur if he was wearing a mask?

  4. that father should have slapped that boy right again as he walked in, for the chutzpah of making a chilul hashem of not wearing a mask. that boy was definitely not disciplined correctly by his dad, its the dads fault after all. if the dad would care he would strike him right again as soon as he walked throught he front door