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French Hill Missionary Spotted In Beit Shemesh Sans “Costume”

Michael Elk, the Christian missionary who had infiltrated the French Hill Chareidi community of Jerusalem, was spotted in Beit Shemesh san his Chareidi “disguise,” B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

Elk was reportedly exploring the possibility of moving to the city and was seen visiting the local council and community center and local stores.

Apparently, Elk is not planning on moving back to the States in the wake of the discovery of his true identity. Anti-missionary groups had said that they were working on having him deported from the country but as of now, he seems to be searching for another place in Israel to settle down.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. If we’re watching out for this “thing”, why is the picture blurred? Who cares what he looked like before? We need to know how he looks now!

  2. Why can’t they just beat the _____ out of him? Certainly shve his beard! Or, better yet, put a tattoo on his face – that ought get him to not be accepted into a community.

  3. why blind out his true PARTZIF? He should be seen in his full REAL garb. Get that disgusting picture of him looking Jewish out of here! This is reprehensible!

  4. Why have you blurred out the latest photo? We in Beit Shemesh have circulated his picture on local groups, but his next place could be in YOUR community!

    BTW, he was seen looking at properties with a realtor. So please warn realtors & anyone you know who has a property to rent or sell about this sonei yisrael.

  5. The problem with deportation is that it’s too light. He should be allowed to be in Israel, under guard, while the people who bought “teffilin” from him sue for the price of Kosher Tefillin, The families of boys whom he was “mahul” sue for the agmas nefesh of Tipas Dam, the Beis HaKavaros for the price of his wife’s burial, etc. And if possible, to send a warning to anyone else who may try this, he should be JAILED for getting false citizenship, not deported. Any Xtian living in Israel with permission who knew of this, and assisted him, should be arrested as accessories. The Church in America who sent him should have its leaders banned permanently from the Medina, even if they claim they are just there to see xtian sites b’aretz.
    Frankly, jail in the Medina would be too light- I’d have him not have permission to own an xtian bible, cut him off from the xtian chaplain, and be guarded 24/7, and have the guards wash his mouth out with soap if he dares mention J’s name. But the Medinah is too liberal for that.

  6. Yaapchik- Forcing tattoos on someone might strike some Yidden as too……Amaleki, let’s put it that way.

  7. And while that might seem like a ridiculous point, there was someone in my shul who were saying the Kahanists weren’t going far enough in last week’s war- they should get yidden with guns and storm a beis daas yishmael and burn the sifrei daas yishmael “to pay” for the burnt shuls and sifrei torah in Lod. I was explaining why that was a stupid, stupid idea, when someone jumped in with “burning other’s religious works is what the Nazis did”. I turned to him and said “Yeah, that’s the least of my concerns with this idea” “no, no, you should always open with ‘that’s what the Nazis did'” “there are so many better reasons why he’s saying a dumb dumb idea” “you don’t care about what the Nazis did? KAPO!”
    So, yeah, some people will just say “we’re not Nazis” to your idea, as if that means anything 🙄

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