WATCH: Black Man Punches Asian Woman In Unprovoked Manhattan Hate Crime


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The New York Police Department recommended a hate crime charge against a black man who punched a 55-year-old Asian woman in an unprovoked attack in Chinatown on Monday night, the NYPD said in a release.

The unnamed victim was taken to a local hospital in stable condition, police said.

Alexander Wright, 48, was taken into custody and charged with assault as a hate crime, assault and criminal possession of a controlled substance, according to the release. He was removed to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation, and the drug K2 was allegedly recovered, police said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Thanks YWN for letting us know the color of the attacker’s skin.
    We would appreciate it if you also mention that he has an ‘orange hat’ and ‘blue shirt’.

  2. Any normal person would be left shocked to have witnessed such random and sudden brutality.
    This AFRICAN-AMERICAN will be let off due to “mental issues” (meaning color of skin). Too bad none of these people were a jackie chan to engage the perp.

  3. It might be a very wise idea, the next time you go into Manhattan, bring along 2 bodyguards. In case the first bodyguard gets punched in the face, at least you will have the additional bodyguard. Of course it helps to pray for about 25 hours (25 hours of praying) before entering the border line of Manhattan.

  4. It happened already a number of times this year that individuals were walking in Manhattan and suddenly from behind they get viciously attacked by a wild beast for no reason what so ever. President Biden is sending everyone money. Some animals don’t care for the money, they want bones and blood and you can keep your check.
    Sorry for presenting to you the true picture.

  5. The attacker’s skin color is very relevant, because the Democrat Party and its servants in the news industry have been engaged in a deliberate campaign to promote the false idea that anti-Asian violence is coming from white supremacists and is somehow Trump’s fault The fact, as everyone knows, is that the wave of anti-Asian violence and hatred is coming entirely from black and hispanic people, and NONE of it from white people.

    That’s why when a white person shot up a massage parlor and some of the victims happened to be Asian the news industry made a huge tzimmes about it, and made all kinds of blood libels against Republicans, until it turned out (as anyone with a brain always knew it would) that it was not a hate crime, it had nothing al all to do with race.

    So it’s important to emphasize who is committing these crimes, so people will know.