And Now It’s Anti-Semite Tlaib’s Turn: “Israel’s ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Funded By The US”


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Rep. Rashida Tlaib published an outrageous tweet on Wednesday accusing Israel of a “decades-long ethnic cleansing project.”

After Israel carried out airstrikes in Gaza on Wednesday morning in response to the launching of terror balloons from Gaza into Israel which ignited a number of fires, Tlabi chose to condemn Israel without mentioning the arson balloons.

“After racist and violent ‘death to Arabs’ marches earlier today in Jerusalem, children in Gaza are being woken by bombs in the middle of the night,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Israel’s government doesn’t value Palestinian lives. It has managed a decades-long ethnic cleansing project, funded by the U.S.”

The launching of incendiary balloons continued for the third consecutive day on Thursday, with eight fires ignited in Israel’s southern region.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. And Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, doesn’t see this as a tweet as incendiary and worthy of retribution. He is obviously an equally anti Semitic individual. These clowns have the establishment all wrapped between their fingers.

  2. She is not an isolated voice in the Democrat Party. She and her fellow squad members are the primary influence within the party. Senator Shomer and Speaker Pelosi cave to the far left. Only Hashem protects us. Our hishtadlus should be vote Republican at every level of government.

  3. Our hishtadlus should consist of Tefilla. The name Yishmoel consists of the words ישמע א-ל, which means that we have only Hashem to rely on to save us.