Schumer Obtains Visa For Alta Fixsler: “Photos Of Little Alta Melt My Heart”

Alte Fixsler in the hospital with her older brother. (Courtesy)

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US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer obtained a US visa for two-year-old Alta Fixsler to enable her parents to bring her to the US to continue her medical care.

Since Alta’s father, Avraham Fixsler, is a US citizen, she is eligible for US citizenship.

Alta is dependent on life support, and as Schumer wrote in a press release about the visa, she is in “grave danger after a UK court ruled to discontinue her care, against the family’s wishes.”

Schumer previously wrote to Karen Pierce, the British Ambassador to the US, requesting that the UK suspend all health decisions regarding Alta.

“All the Fixsler’s want is to follow their faith and get their little girl the best care in the process,” the press release from Schumer’s office stated. “The images of little Alta make your heart melt and to know just how much her parents love her inspires us to do all we can to ensure her best chance. Aside from this federal action of securing a visa, I also offer my most fervent prayers to her and her family.”

Anyone interested in financially assisting the family can click here.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Great, you care about this little Yiddishe Neshomoh, not quite sure how difficult it was to get a visa for daughter of a US citizen, but you couldn’t care less about millions of Yidden in Israel under a barrage of constant rockets from Gaza!

  2. What a stupid story. Pure showboating. What is the point of getting her a visa to the USA? She already had a visa to Israel. The problem is that the court will not allow her to be moved, so of what use is yet another visa? She can’t be taken to Israel, so what kind of idiot thought she would be allowed to come to the USA instead?

    On the contrary, the parents told the UK court that the reason they wanted to take her to Israel was not, chas vesholom, to try to save her life. Oh, no, they wouldn’t dream of doing such a wicked thing. They promised that if the court lets them take her to Israel they will continue to obey the court’s orders and kill her there. The only reason they want to move her, they said, was so she could die on holy ground, near her family.

    And the court said no, because it wisely understood that no matter what they say now, once she is in Israel they will try to save her life, and the court will not be able to prevent it. So how can they now come and say we want to take her to America? How can they explain that? America is not holy, and her family is not here, so why would they want her to die here rather than in the UK? The only possible reason to take her here is exactly what the court was afraid they would do in Israel: to save her from being killed. And the court is determined not to allow that. It wants a dead baby, and will not be satisfied with anything else.

    So Schumer is just being a showboat, USING this poor baby and her poor family to promote his own blown-up ego. Meanwhile he is a rasha merusha, an enemy of Hashem and of America, and this FAKE effort does not change that even one tiny bit.

    As for the so-called “askonim” involved in this, their only interest is to use the baby for fundraising. Shame on them.