As Lebanese Kids Starve, IDF Busts Close To $1M Of Guns On Border

Weapons confiscated by police in smuggling attempt from Lebanon, July 9, 2021. (Israel Police)

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Israeli security forces overnight Friday busted an attempt to smuggle dozens of weapons into Israel through the Lebanese border, the largest such bust in years.

Security officials believe that Hezbollah was attempting to smuggle the guns to Arab-Israeli operatives to wreak terror attacks inside Israel. The IDF has yet to determine if Hezbollah was involved but previous smuggling attempts of weapons and drugs across the border have been tied to Hezbollah.

A total of 43 guns and ammunition worth about NIS 2.7 million ($820,000) were found and according to Channel 12 News, the guns were more sophisticated than the guns busted in past smuggling attempts.

“The estimated value of the guns smuggled from Lebanon and seized by us is around 1,248,000,000 Lebanese pounds,” the IDF Arabic spokesperson stated.

“How much milk for children, how many diapers, how many liters of fuel, and how much medicine could be bought for the Lebanese citizens with this money?”

Lebanon is grappling with a dire financial crisis, and is facing food and fuel shortages.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)