Ben & Jerry’s Israel Sales Increase By 21%

Ben & Jerry's employees in Israel. (Twitter)

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Ben & Jerry’s Israel reported a 21% increase in sales on Tuesday evening, a day after Ben & Jerry’s Global announced it was boycotting Jewish communities in Yehudah and Shomron.

Ben & Jerry’s Israel, an independent franchise of the global company, has rebuffed the boycott and is losing its license as a result. The company has a factory in Be’er Tuvia, a moshav in southern Israel, which employs hundreds of Israelis.

“There’s been a significant increase in sales of our ice cream since the morning, a 21% increase of a normal day’s sales,” Ben & Jerry’s Israel said in a statement.

“Don’t stop! We have to pressure the Unilever Corporation, the owner of Ben and Jerry’s Global, to reverse its decision.”

Several public figures on Tuesday traveled to Ben & Jerry’s factory in Be’er Tuvia, including Shas MK Moshe Arbel, to offer their support to the company.

Shas MK Moshe Arbel shows his support for Ben & Jerry’s.

Immediately after the boycott announcement, social media in Israel was abuzz with irate Israelis saying they would no longer purchase Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, with one MK even videoing herself throwing out an entire pint of ice cream that was in her freezer. However, shortly later it became apparent that boycotting the ice cream sold in Israel will only harm the Israeli franchise, which is losing its license due to the owner’s refusal to refrain from selling ice cream in the so-called “occupied territories.”

YWN POLL: Should the Kof-K drop its Kosher certification of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream?



Instead, Israelis went on a Ben & Jerry’s shopping spree!

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. In their world, the tragedies of the Tibetans in China, the Uyghurs in Russia, and the Kurds in Turkey, are mere propaganda fabrications propagated by the Jews to distract international attention from the cruel Palestinian genocide.

  2. In his imperative that Chof-K NOT drop its hechsher. This is not because I support BDS. This is because once Kashrus organizations open the Pandora’s box of sanctioning anything but Halachic imeratives, then they will be pressured to drop Hachsherim on companies that hire foreign workers and pay minimum wage (or less), or who don’t conform to whomever’s standards of cruelty to animals, or who aren’t environmentally friendly, etc. etc. Kashrus must remain dedicated to its cause, and refuse to be sidetracked by anything else, no matter how important.

  3. “Don’t stop! We have to pressure the Unilever Corporation, the owner of Ben and Jerry’s Global, to reverse its decision.”

    It’s got nothing to do with Unilever. Unilever did not make this decision, and it is unhappy with it, but it can’t do anything. Ben & Jerry has an independent board, and it made the decision. All the pressure must go on its members, not on Unilever. So by all means boycott Ben & Jerry (outside Israel), but not other Unilever products.

    But really any decent person was already boycotting Ben & Jerry for years, because it’s a brand that hates America. Only if you’re OK with hating America, and draw the line only at hating Israel, will you be starting a boycott now.

  4. Background:

    In 2018, Ben & Jerry’s “activist” A. Mittal teamed up with racist Arab “activist” Linda Sarsour.
    During ‘Guardian of Walls’ May-2021 Israel’s defensive war against terrorist Hamas who fired at Israeli civilians and cause its people to die via human shields – Ben & Jerry’s decided first to bar all sales to all of Israel. At the and they dropoed it only to the “territories.”


    Arsen Ostrovsky (@Ostrov_A) Tweeted (July 19, 2021):
    Just to be clear, @benandjerrys won’t serve ice cream to Jews in Judea & Samaria, but they will enthusiastically endorse avowed racist and antisemite Linda Sarsour? Ok gotcha. Is ok, plenty of great local made ice-creams in Israel!

    ______ (@StopAntisemites) Tweeted (July 19, 2021):

    Palestinian workers have lost their jobs thanks to the decision by @benandjerrys today. 

    What sort of activist would be happy about this?

    Someone who hates Jews SO much they’re willing to have their own brethren unemployed. 

    SICKO 👉🏻 #LindaSarsour



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  5. Ben & Jerrys just hit the same spot as I think of our Government ….the rest of the world__as far as I am concerned only Chareidim , Shabbos Jews deserve this world…..shape up or ship out as they say___your balagan is yours not mine and drink up 21% of filth with a stomach ache___yours not mine….YWN has become a horror like the NYT and the rest of Fake News__

  6. Duh
    We’re all emptying the shelves before there is none left.
    We’re enjoying real tasting vanilla ice cream for the last little bits that are available.
    Once the shelves are emptied, your sales will go to zero.
    Use your seichel Ben & Jerrys!

  7. “Texas looking into divestment from Unilever over Ben & Jerry’s boycott.”
    By Lahav Harkov. Jpost, JULY 22, 2021