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Flatbush Community Advocacy Group Throws Support Behind David Storobin

Storobin_official-HS-2012In a press release sent to YWN on Election Day 2013, the Flatbush Community Advocacy Group (FCAG) endorses David Storobin in the race for the 48th Council District. The FCAG is well-known to have the strong backing and support of leading Rabbonim and community activists in Flatbush.

One political analyst told YWN that this last minute endorsement is similar to that of the Agudah meeting with Bill DeBlasio this past Saturday night. “They don’t want to be on the losers list the morning after the election, so they are doing this to ensure that they are going to be represented well by Storobin in city hall.

The release stated: “David Storobin has a strong record of supporting our community’s values. As our State Senator, he fought to provide our community with yeshiva tuition vouchers. He is a strong supporter of our family values, and sponsored legislation last year to overturn the same-gender marriage bill. We believe David Storobin is a candidate who represents the true conservative values of the frum community.”

(Press Release / YWN Desk – NYC)

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  1. i have never heard of this group before and perhaps it does not even exist. There is not one name attached to this press release. Everybody knows the frum Flatbush community is voting en masse for Chaim Deutsch! He is the only choice for us. His dedication to our community is unmatched by any activist or elected official.

  2. He’s never done one single thing for any community. He has been a attorney defending criminals all his life. He’s never been involved in any type of community service even for the Russian community. STOROBIN TELL THE EMES

  3. FCAG???? Are people making up organizations as the day is going by?do you really believe that the community is so gullible as to believe that the serious rabonim would jump ship the last minute even if such an organization existed? Do you believe that daas Torah is so “wishy- washy”? When a reputable Rav makes a decision with the welfare of the community taken into account, you can be certain he is standing by his choice. Please let’s stop trying to influence this election! Let the voters decide. A word to the wise is sufficient! In this case it’s two words- Chaim Deutsch!

  4. #3- Enough with the “Daas Torah”. Please. A few choshuva Rabboim in Flatbush endorsed Deutsch. That now became “daas torah”?

    Stop shoving candidates down our throats.

    Besides, you say “let the voters decide”. That is correct. You said it yourself. No-one needs to be told who to vote for. So then why do we need “DAAS TORAH” to tell us whom to vote for?

    And about this organization. I do not know who they are, nor care who they are. I don’t know who FJCC is either. It’s just Josh Mehlman and his brother Mordy being busy, which some local wannabees cheering them along.

  5. number 4 is totally right.

    my rov got up in shul after shacharis today and said “everyone should vote”.

    when asked whom they should vote for he said “it is not the job of a pulpit rabbi to tell congregants whom to vote for”

    boruch hashem i daven in such a shul

  6. FCAG vs FJCC.

    Now THIS is HOCK.

    I would go with the new boys. The new young guys always have more fun. More geshmak meetings. Better food. Maybe a cold beer. Enough of the 50 year old muckety mucks. Time to retire.

  7. This is so funny – like anyone seriously believes that Chaim Deutsch is not going to represent our community so much better than the other guy — of course this bogus group didn’t sign their names.

  8. Yeshiva world your betting on strobin winning I’m not sure if so smart. Gregory davidzon working very hard on Russian vote its not a simple win for anyone

  9. Jmiabfl it’s storobin who is making up stories over& over about false endorsements .we want everyone to make there own right decision but you need to hear the truth not made up lies KNOW THE FACTS

  10. Storobin created these groups that endorsed him as a desperate act. Don’t be fooled. Ask your neighbors who are involved in the community who is the better choice and get out there and vote before 9pm tonight.

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