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Lhota Says He’s Writing An Acceptance Speech For Tonight

If Joe Lhota is at peace about the expected outcome tonight, he isn’t showing it at all.

Woth the polls open till 9pm, Mr. Lhota repeatedly insisted this morning he still thinks he can win. “I’m very optimistic,” he told Gerlado Rivera in a radio interview, citing what he described as a “groundswell of support” across the city in recent days.

“No, I’m not dismayed at all,” he added. “I’m working on my acceptance speech right now.”

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

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  1. Yidden,

    Vote Lhota!! It’s assur to vote for a menivel even if he is the guaranteed winner. Blasio will show us his true colors once he moves into Gracie Mansion R”L he will remove stop & frisk which will send crime rates skyrocket, he will increase taxes, and will ban Metzizah B’Peh!


  2. All the so-called pundits are predicting that this race will see the lowest turnout in years. What they don’t say is that the frum community, historically, has a lower turnout, correspondingly, when compared to the general population.

    LET US CHANGE THAT NOW…after all, we have the most to lose.

    DeBlasio, who always took us for granted and IGNORES our positions on many key issues, may not necessarily get all the support that he thinks. Many of his supporters may stay home thinking that he has a lock on it.

    Chanukah reminds us of the gezeira on meilah that the yevanim decreed. Today, modern day yevanim (read DeBlasio)are echad b’peh v’echad b’lev. BeBlasio says that he was always our friend …yet states positions that are against us. Only Joe Lhota states, correctly, that the government has no place involving itself in meilah. V’yashmein yeshurin vayivut. Bloomberg thought that he was king of the hill with all his money and that he could decree whatever he felt was “best for us”. Well the Bloomberg era is ending. Let us NOW vote for a person who truly respects us – Joe Lhota. Believe me I know because I had personal dealings with him as a consultant for the MTA. You will never find someone who had more respect for shemiras shabbos or kashrus than Joe. Yes, he went with me to a little rinky dink restaurant because he knew my standard of kashrus.

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