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Prominent Netivot Rav/Rosh Yeshiva Released to House Arrest

rentganThe Rishon L’Tzion Magistrate Court sentenced Netivot Rabbi YA to eight days house arrest, releasing him from detention in the ongoing investigation involving crime families in Netivot and Rabbi Yaakov Effergan. Police requested keeping the rav in detention.

The case has to do with the recent municipal elections in Netivot and alleged threats made by members of the Domrani crime family against Rabbi Yaakov Effergan, The Rentgan. Police believe the rabbi, YA, is the one who enlisted Domrani’s assistance to persuade Rav Effergan to back a different candidate in the race.

Rabbi YA was taken into custody on motzei Shabbos and police asked the court to keep him under lock and key, fearing if released, he will interfere with the ongoing investigation.

Defense attorney Menachem Rubenstein spoke with Kol Berama Radio early Wednesday afternoon, explaining “the investigation only proves the rav never should have been arrested. He will have to remain in a certain home in Givat Shmuel until next week under house arrest. He never should have been arrested in the first place.”

Many talmidim of the rav were in the courtroom to give a chizuk to the rav and they began singing when they heard he was being released to house arrest.

Police are likely to appeal to the district court in the hope of overturning the decision to release him to house arrest.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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