Alta Fixsler’s Parents Lose Appeal To Have Her Die At Home

Avraham Fixsler with Alta and his son.

The parents of Alta Fixsler suffered another blow on Wednesday when they lost their battle to have Alta removed from life support in the privacy of their own home, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

Justice Alistair MacDonald of the High Court ruled that it was in Alta’s “best interests” for her to be removed from life support at a hospice.

“I am satisfied that this option best accommodates Alta’s welfare need for specialist care at the end of her life under a reliable, safe and sustainable system of high calibre care protected from disruption, whilst allowing, in so far as possible and consistent with Alta’s best interests, the family and the community to perform the sacred religious obligations of the Orthodox Jewish faith,” the judge wrote.

In July, the Fixslers lost their appeal to the UK’s High Court to prevent the withdrawal of life support from 2-year-old Alta and bring her to Israel. The European Court of Human Rights rejected another appeal in August.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


    “Alta’s welfare need for specialist care at the end of her life under a reliable, safe and sustainable system of high calibre care protected from disruption,” , basicly we dont trust you will let her die?
    “specialist care” to let the oxygen tank run out
    if the kid is R”L unconcious & not in pain what does the gov care even if the parents are wrong in their opinion

  2. The judge should simply have ordered the staff to put a bullet in the toddler’s head. Disconnecting life support will lead to a slow death.
    Instant death is much more humane.
    Of course, he wouldn’t do that because like the supposed “healers” he wants the patient to die via euthanasia, ala the initial approach of the Third Reich.

  3. This whole story is so sad, hashem have mercy on all us, and to think there are folks who want and who are actually instituting these healthcare and justice systems in the US is frightening.

  4. This just proves that the judge does not have Alte Fixler’s best interest in mind and certainly not the family’s interest in mind. This is not about being humane, the judge is a murderer who’s enjoying the process of his victim being murdererd.

  5. The UK is now of untenable reishus. This decision is based on the make-believe ‘science’ of eugenics and that some human beings are more worthy of living than others – because of their genetics. This is disgusting and middos S’dom.

    The western governments have also been allowing ‘chimera’ research – growing new half-human species through intermixing (supposedly in order to be able to harvest organs for the allopathic medical science that has now aligned itself with eugenics more than in the past in this area as well.)

    These things are a taint on mankind, and we all must find ways – small and big, to do t’shuvah about, as these protocols are unnecessary – of tainted, impure thought and immoral. Law must support all people, and not the arrogant understanding only of atheists who in the end, will ask Yidden what they really should have been doing all along.

  6. I’d be curious to know how the commentators here can be so certain that this child is not feeling pain, nor suffering, as this not something that even medical science could say for certain.

    Have commentators here assessed this child’s fMRI (functional MRI) tests?

    I also don’t understand how people can think that on the one hand, this child feels nothing and on the other be so certain that she would be more comforted at home.

  7. England of yore. In history, Yidden have never really done well in England. The church of England and the royal family have traditionally been virulent anti Semites going back over a thousand years.

  8. Socialized medicine at its best. See how efficient it is when the Death Committee won’t you waste anyone’s money on care that it deems not to be cost effective. If the Republicans manage to “kick the ball into their own goal” in the next two elections, we’ll have a similar system in the USA.

  9. Sickening how low
    Society has descended
    If it keeps going this way, soon they will start denying care to disabled members of society or killing sick babies before or after birth

  10. This is such a heartbreaking story but the moral of the story here is … stay away from these countries and these reshaim. We belong in EY … yes, even if its not perfect yet.. there is nothing worse than to be at the mercy of evil ppl discussed above… Hshem should help this family and this poor child how only He can….

  11. this is very sad___without prejudice it speaks more so knowing that it is Britain, it is run by Royalty and no jew should live there___if Jews live outside of their world this and other nonsense will follow….it is sad….we had an opportunity to rise and shine for this child and the filth of the Brits challenged Hashem.

  12. I would advise all of the commentators to withhold judgement not knowing all the facts. If the unfortunate child is already brain-dead, despite opinions to the contrary by some/many poskim, there are poskim of note who recognize brain death.

    Besides, medically no brain-dead patient, unplugged from a respirator EVER survived. If someone believes otherwise, they can pay but cannot obligate the state to pay

  13. sholom d
    a few points
    i understand the uk position and in all honesty if R”L it was my kid i wouldve tried to accept the gezera & let it go long ago , al pee halacha you can have a shev veal taaseh- not actually pulling hashem yishmor
    extensive testing was done & there isnt brain activity so there is no pain on a conscious level
    where the uk went too far was not to let it die at home or come to the u.s. even if they think the parents are crazy or unrealistic

  14. There were in the UK recently similar cases regarding non-jewish kids
    one two years ago and one virtually identical around five years ago and the Jewish Community smugly ignored it because Somehow: we’re okay
    if it ever comes to us when we will take care of it has

    the Martin niemoller overused phrase goes..

    I could virtually guarantee as we speak today something is going on somewhere
    that’s moral dilemma affecting some non-jew that’s ignored by our leading organizations
    going to come back to squeeze Us soon
    of course somehow if you ask anyone at the moment : too far away to be relevant

    And it came unfortunately to one of our own

  15. meir G:

    You write “extensive testing was done & there isn’t brain activity so there is no pain on a conscious level.”
    How would you know that there is neither pain nor suffering — are you privy to the private details of this child’s medical records?
    Have you seen her fMRI and are you in a position of being able to professionally analyze the results? (When is the last time you testified in court as an expert witness on a case like this or been called in for a medical consultation?)

    And what do you mean “there isn’t brain activity”?
    And how would you — or anyone know — whether she is suffering? How would that be measured? Also, as an Orthodox Jew who presumably believes in our traditions, if SOULS can suffer (after death), why couldn’t they suffer when one is ALIVE, but in a state of unconsciousness??

  16. Consider the following, from the comment section of a WSJ opinion piece on this case:

    … consider the opposite case. Suppose a child has a very curable disease but the parents are opposed to using modern medicine. Do the parents have the right to determine the child gets no treatment even if that means they will likely die?
    The NHS has a policy that they have rules for treatment which statistically provides the best care on average and also provides the most efficient (and therefore cost effective) treatment. When you put yourself in the care of the NHS you are obliged to follow their rules even if in your specific case it is not the best option. In the normal case you could decline treatment and leave but in the case of a child that is not able to make that decision the NHS follows its rules for treatment even if the parents disagree, remember the case of the child I noted above. The NHS treats that child and Alta the same with the same logic.

  17. @Sholom D: Your logic should not have prevented the child to be taken abroad and being treated in the US or Israel! The NHS would have saved thousands, if they would have let go a year ago.
    Clearly, UK hospitals, judges and politicians are playing G-d just as Mengely ym”shm did, in deciding who should live and who should die.

  18. leah2330:
    “We belong in EY … yes, even if its not perfect yet.. there is nothing worse than to be at the mercy of evil ppl discussed above”

    First, we do NOT belong in E”Y while in galus, except perhaps some of us who are able to live properly in the palace of the King of Kings.
    In addition, the Zionists are at least as evil and nobody should be at their mercy either.

  19. Sholom D“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. ”
    ― George Orwell Etc, ,
    Canada which has a similar “right to kill end of life policy as does presently the NHS
    ruled a few years ago the courts that this indigenous family had the right to try traditional tribal medicine over the medical doctor’s medicine and that was even though the child subsequently died from it– because indigenous Indians have more rights than the rest of us possibly .

    as Charles Krauthammer wrote before he passed away a few years ago :he would rather put his trust in the parents than the hospital– the insurance companies behind them and the accounting bureaucracies – especially when it comes to a less wealthy simpler family.

  20. Akumerma, it has nothing to do with money. They are not trying to save money. The judges honestly believe the baby is better off dead, that dying is in her best interest, so they are determined to ensure that she dies as soon as possible. They don’t care how much it costs or doesn’t cost, their only interest is to see a dead baby.

    All the people who are saying she has no brain function, that is not true. She is not at all brain dead. If she were then the courts wouldn’t care what happens to her. The whole point here is that she is in terrible pain, and these atheist judges think that this is worse than death, and that their opinion should outweigh that of the parents who know that suffering and life are both from Hashem.