Israeli Girl Hospitalized After Mother Intentionally Infects Her With COVID

Illustrative. A nurse stands in the children's ICU for coronavirus patients at Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem on January 22, 2020. (Courtesy/Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem)

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An Israeli girl is seriously ill due to post-COVID syndrome about a month after her mother intentionally exposed her to COVID.

Naama Bar-Ziv, 7, was hospitalized in serious condition in Assuta Hospital in Ashdod after developing pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome (PIMS) after recovering from COVID.

Naama’s mother, Sarita Bar-Ziv, told Channel 12 News: “I blame myself a little and also the information we were told that children aren’t harmed from COVID. I told myself that if one of us gets COVID, I’ll expose all of us so the children can get a Green Pass.”

“My older son got COVID and I quarantined him but by then my other son had caught it. I told myself that this was the opportunity for all of us to get it. When Naama caught it she had no symptoms whatsoever but later the picture changed. Naama began complaining to me that her head hurt. At night she would wake up shaking like a leaf with an intensity I’ve never seen in my life, and her temperature soared. I took her to the doctor who said we should wait it out for a few days.”

“We tried everything but her fever wouldn’t abate and on Shabbos, she began developing strange symptoms like peeling skin and a rash. The next day we brought her to a different doctor who got very nervous when she realized that Naama had recovered from COVID.”

The doctor ordered Naama’s mother to rush her to the hospital and she was hospitalized in serious condition. “Every day her condition has been the same but today we’re seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel,” Bar-Ziv said. “Last night, she went without oxygen for the first time.  I want to send a message to all parents – small children are vulnerable to COVID and they’re unvaccinated. They need the most protection.”

Naama’s mother was referring to the reported phenomenon in Israel of parents purposely exposing their children to COVID so they won’t have to quarantine in the future if they’re exposed to the virus in school or other places.

In recent weeks, there has been a wave of children hospitalized across Israel with PIMS after recovering from COVID, with a Channel 12 News report on Sunday saying that there are now over 35 children hospitalized with post-COVID syndrome.

The condition of a six-month-old baby who was attached to an ECMO machine last week after being diagnosed with PIMS deteriorated over the weekend.

An Israeli-Arab teenager who passed away of PIMS on Shabbos is believed to be Israel’s first fatality from post-COVID syndrome.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. There are several tshuvos (responsas) by major rabbanim in the past that give over how to allow others to gain natural antibodies (as they are now called) to infectious diseases. One is for an infected person to hold some raisins in his or her hand, then, after a few minutes, another person who seeks ‘antibodies’ says a bracha on these and ingests them. Another, is to leave bread out for ten days (presumably sourdough, as it goes stale but doesn’t quickly go moldy), and then partake of it (after the virus has had sufficient time to land on it)!

    The issue in doing this, with ‘covid’ too (which was never actually isolated as a particular strain of virus – it’s basically a common cold type ailment and should be treated that way), is to realize the extra importance of augmenting the diet with much more nutrient-dense foods than usual, and also lacto-fermented dishes and a more healthy lifestyle to avoid a cytokine storm, as the gut must be balanced to ward off queasiness in the digestive system – not helped by fast foods, wireless technology or non-organic foods especially.

  2. Article after article on here shows anecdotal evidence about the dangers of COVID. GO FOR IT. But why aren’t there any anecdotal evidence articles about the merits of natural immunity and the side effects of the vaccine??

  3. “Intentionally Infects” – that’s quite misleading. 2 kids in the family already had Covid. Likely this little girl was already exposed anyways. Yes, I would also have wanted to get it over with for everyone, so quarantine doesn’t continue for forever. It’s not like she took her daughter out to someone who is sick – THAT would be intentionally infecting. It was already in the house! Yes it is quite sad and scary for this family, and may she have a refuah shelaima, but most most kids get it and it’s fine.
    I feel like the media is using PIMS as the catalyst for pushing vaccination on kids once it’s approved. It’s chaval that YWN is falling into this trap as well. “A wave of children” – 35? compared to how many kids had covid and are ok?
    (My husband and myself are vaccinated, that was our choice, but I would not want to have to give it to our 6 year old)

  4. Intentional exposure is a strong headline. Before you yell, please consider.
    It’s not necessarily possible or realistic to quarantine children from each other in a small house or apartment. To separate Husbands from wives or mothers from children. If kids in a house gets COVID there often is nothing to do except daven. Ask your doctor if its healthy to keep a baby separate from her mother if the mother gets COVID….
    She says a few kids in the house had it at the same time. Most of us have been there….

  5. Child abuse?! How is this different from all the parents who used to deliberately infect their children with chicken pox, measles, mumps, etc., before vaccines were available for these diseases, so they could gain immunity early, while the risk is low? The risk to young children from the Wuhan disease is no worse than from those other diseases.

  6. > How is this different

    These were endemic diseases that were always present in the society. Children were fighting it better than adults. There was a high chance the person would get it later in life and have it much harder. Critically, there were no other way to get immunity any other way. After vaccines were developed, old approach is not used any more.

    Also, science about vaccines and medicines is evolving very fast. So, the later a person gets it, the easier it will be later on.

  7. > It’s not necessarily possible or realistic to quarantine children from each other in a small house or apartment.

    that is true. A lot of transmission is within family. consider simple measures first – not sharing plates, opening windows, staying in different rooms. Initial virus load matters a lot – it is a fight between replicating virus and immune response. The higher the initial load, the harder it is to fight it.