With Heavy Construction Underway, Excitement Builds For Massive Bobov-45 Shul In Borough Park


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Brooklyn, NY – It has been much talked about for years, but with the tractors digging their metal claws into the ground this past August it is now on the road to becoming a reality. The long-planned majestic shul of the Bobov-45 community is finally under construction and promises to be the largest such project in New York City history.

Centrally located on 14th Avenue and 49th Street, the striking new home of Torah and tefilah comes with a staggering price tag of nearly $60,000,000, according to a source involved. But the chasidim and kehilah members appear to be getting what they pay for with an eye-catching, multi story beis medrash that will serve them with glory until Moshiach’s day.

The launch of the first construction phase brought a palpable excitement to the members of the Chasidus who have been anticipating this day since the Rebbe took over the leadership mantle after the passing of his great father-in-law, Rabbi Naftali of Bobov ZT”L. As was reported last Spring, a grassroots fundraising event for the massive construction endeavor raised over $18,000,000 in one evening.

With the planned new center reaching forty feet underground and multiple stories in height, the early work involves excavation, foundation building, support at the like. A source close to the project told YWN that this phase is expected to take 9 to 12 months before the structure begins being erected in earnest.

The new shul will be built in two stages, with the first boasting a main beis medrash of 14,000 square feet and the second reaching an astonishing 23,000 square feet. There will be thousands of seats, four mikvahs, dozens of rooms for learning and davening and much more. It is to be among the most impressive shuls in the world, setting multiple records for size and grandeur.

In Borough Park, the loud and visible work operations have been the talk of town, with residents eagerly following the progress of the largest project the area has seen in decades. In the months and years ahead, the locals and especially members of the Bobov-45 community will continue to witness the making of Jewish history in all its glory.