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Rav Gavriel Poppenheim Targeted by Sikrik

BSHAFThere are rising tensions in the Eida community in Yerushalayim between the old time moderates and the zealot sikrikim faction. Last Friday night, in the Satmar Beis Medrash, a member of the sikrikim got on the bimah and blasted the “chilul kevarim” in Beit Shemesh.

The man turned his anger at the director of the Badatz Eida Chareidis who was davening in the beis medrash, Rav Gavriel Poppenheim in the latter’s capacity as a former member of the vaad dealing with the Beit Shemesh project. He shouted “sheigetz” and “criminal” at Rav Peppenheim while instructing him to leave the beis medrash.

A dispute resulted as mispallalim chose sides between Peppenheim and the sikrikim, leading to Rav Peppenheim leaving the beis medrash.

Another serious incident occurred on Shabbos morning during Torah reading in the Rachmastrivka Beis Medrash. A member of the sikrikim came into the shul shouting if the construction in Beit Shemesh continues, Asra Kadisha will step up its opposition by harming heads of the project. “Stop the digging for if not, it is on your heads” the lone protestor shouted.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Aze kovod HaTorah! And kovod gedolim! This is definitely the right way to live… anytime anyone says something is assur, we should attack those who hold otherwise!

    Going to stand up against it? If not, this IS how things will be.

  2. These sikrikim people sound really nuts. Is there a rav that is supporting their extreme actions? Does anyone happen to know if they are bnei torah? Are they merely thugs by nature and have found a cause for their violent tendencies?

  3. The “MOB” is at it, hot and strong.
    Their threats of killings will be used until action to destroy the extremists is initiated. The time is now or the red blot of shame is on everyone’s head.

  4. keep fighting between yourself..
    and then wonder why the whole “Eida” isn’t working, and no 1 listen to them.
    (and don’t forget to throw “paskvilen” against the “GAVAD” because in this week “Der yid” he writes a letter to support “toldes aharon”)

  5. And the reason these Sikrikim are not arrested wholesale or at least under intense legal scrutiny…???
    Come on – akuperma, where is your legal treatise when we (finally) need it? Here’s my shailah: Do the Torah obligations of Ahavas Yisroel apply to these maniacs or have they in effect removed themselves from the klal? They are a dangerous faction, accentuated by their resolve to dress and parade themselves as ultra-pious.

  6. What goes around comes around !

    The Eida has been anti-establishment, never wanting to work with the treifa medina. Now their children are also anti-their-current-establishment, not accepting the shegatzim of the Eida.

  7. I was factious in using that appellation that the sikrikim used in the story above. I apologize if I came off as insulting. I do, however, beleive that being holier than thou has gotten out of hand.

  8. #8 These excuses hold no water so stop already. This group and other extremists are growing in numbers and gaining more power. THEY ARE FAR FROM DRUGGIES OR MINORITIES OR MENTAL CASES!!!

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