UPDATED: Chareidi Teen Hurt In Bus Accident On Rechov Yirmiyahu


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A Chareidi teenaged girl standing near the intersection of Rechov Yirmiyhau and Brandeis in Jerusalem was injured when a bus about to turn onto Yirmyahu lost control and crashed into her.

The bus then crashed into a nearby concrete barrier, knocking over an electrical pole.

Emergency rescue services administered first aid to the 18-year-old girl and evacuated her to Hadassah Har Hatzofim Hospital.

A statement from the hospital a short while later says that the victim is B”H in stable condition.

The police opened an investigation into the circumstances of the incident.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. For those who are asking, yes, that intersection is crazy. No crosswalks close-by, roadwork that has been going on for months, the lights are bad, and the exit/entrance from the parking lot new Shaarei Revacha doesn’t help the traffic flow.

  2. Bus drivers in EY used to be really skilled drivers. This is sadly no longer the case. Many are arabs and many aren’t as skilled as they should be considering the congestion of the city. Sad story.

  3. all that construction is to build the light rail train that goes through the heart of the charedi community, which of course has been strongly supported by all the gedolim and leaders of our community. right? there has been community wide support for this construction, and all the people traumatized today is just necessary suffering for the healthy growth of our neighborhood. right? isn’t that what’s going on?

  4. Wishing a Refuah Shleima to the girl who was injured.
    For those of you who are NOT familiar with that intersection, if you look in the photo, there is a BRIDGE, above the intersection, to enable pedestrians, especially, the seminary girls who learn across the street, to avoid exactly what happened! That is why it was built! Enough of the “Li Ze lo yikreh” nonsense. our community here in Eretz Hakodesh, has to start taking safety seriously. (lets also mention bike and scooter helmets!)

  5. 416cheddy, please be dan l’kaf zchus. It seems to me that those women were not crossing Yirmiyahu, they were crossing Lewis Brandeis Street. That street has no bridge, just a crosswalk.

  6. @416cheddy

    1) The bridge is for crossing Yirmiyahu, not Brandeis.

    2) If you would bother watching the video you would see that the bus was out of control. She may not have been in the crosswalk.

  7. @416cheddy You are looking at wrong direction! Bridge is over Bar Ilan (Yirmiyhau). The girls were waiting to cross Brandeis, which is served by a crosswalk.

  8. I looked at the video 3 times. Those ladies were standing on the street. They were not on the sidewalk.
    That is a dangerous intersection. You need to wait on the sidewalk until your light is green.
    May Hashem send to the victim a speedy recovery.

  9. 416cheddy maybe if you actually used your brain and looked at the video instead of trying to judge what happened from looking at a photo after the event you might realize that the bridge would not have helped these girls as they were going in the totally opposite direction. Look at the facts first. Don’t be so quick to judge.

  10. avraham she may be on the street but she is standing behind a massive concrete block.
    No reason to assume a car will drive through a block. Watch it again.

  11. englishjew5774
    I love your attitude. Thats why I rarely post anywhere. Anonymous people who can say whatever they want, with no repercussions. I’m NOT ‘trying to judge”. I’m stating FACTS! The bridge crosses the street from north to south. It was built because MANY women and girls cross to go to the Beis Yaakov teachers seminary, and Seminar Gur on the left side of the picture, from the Geulah area. But I guess you know the intersection better sitting in Brooklyn or wherever else you live. And another point, “Mr Brain User’..
    Do you see ANY crosswalk stripes where she was crossing? As anyone can see in the lower right of the picture in an East/West direction. I better stop here.

  12. Fearless Lion, You are correct. I was referring to the young woman who is crossing from the left, crossing Bar Ilan/Yirmiyahu. The construction going on in so many places in Yerushalaim right now is very dangerous for pedestrians. No sidewalks, uneven surfaces, which can cause people to fall, etc
    My main point is to be AWARE!, Yes the girls waiting to cross on the crosswalk on Brandeis were in the right place, yet I always make a point to look, EVEN if you are following the rules. I DO travel all over the city almost every day, and Im sorry to say that in general, our community is unbelievably unaware of safety, and the ones who need to be made aware are not the ones who are NOT on this website..