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VIDEO RECAP: Jewish Grandmother Attack In Brooklyn May Be Latest ‘Knockout’ Victim

Knockout Game Targeted 78 Year Old Jewish Woman in Brooklyn   YouTubeA 78-year-old woman says she was punched in the head while walking in Midwood in the latest of a string of random assaults in the area.

The grandmother says a young black man punched her for no reason while she was walking on East Fifth Street and Avenue L after a day of shopping in Manhattan. The suspect did not steal anything from her.

The family believes the attack was part of rash of ‘knockout game’ related crimes. The premise of the ‘game’ is to punch an unsuspecting passerby and knock them unconscious.

The woman’s family is urging anyone that has been attacked in a similar way to contact the authorities.


(YWN – Studio B)

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  1. That’s exactly what came to mind. Where’s sharpton now? Had there been just one such an attack against a black guy, wow!!!!! wasn’t there even a courtcase and protests by sharpton against a shomrom guy who had valid reason to stand his ground and attacked a black guy.

  2. Where are our leaders. The FBI MUST COME IN ON THIS CASE IMMEDIATELY. They are using the internet which crosses state lines which makes it an FBI investigation warranted crime. Interstate crime is involve. Second in New York it is a RACIST crime black on Jew. I don’t have the connections but anybody who does must get the politicians involve. Warn the liberal politicians in New York you will not get a Jewish vote if you don’t start putting pressure on local, state and federal police. You must threathen the corrupt news paper, and new media for keeping quite on this If whites were doing it to blacks, al not so sharp sharpton would have had bus loads protesting by now.Every Jewish politician must go onto the news and speak forcefully against this racist crime. And where is obumma
    playing golf.What happen to Cambridge Mass; but when it is a Jew it does not matter.Remeber this is a RACIST CRIME AND THE FBI SHOULD BE SUMMON TONIGHT. DEMAND DEMAND DEMAND
    LIKE MORDECHAI SAID TO ESTHER IF IT DOES NOT COME THROUGH USE YOU WILL PERISH BUT NOT HIS PEOPLE. It must be stop Now. The police can check from where these videos were downloaded onto Utube and work from there until we find these low life thug.At least 15 years for anybody and everybody involved

  3. 1. call fbi
    2. call all Jewish politicians
    3. Protest including in front of Albany and the White house
    4. This is a racist crime in New York thus warranting FBi
    5. Search files from where the video were downloaded from
    and work backward.
    6. If the police wanted to do step 5 some people would have been arrest already
    7. Protest in front of NYT, Daily News Washington Post
    to demostrate they are acting to cover these crimes by not publishing this and not publishing this as a hate crime
    8. Investigate if obumma’s adminstration is pushing to cover up this racist hate crime.
    9. Get a Congressional hearing going on all these type of crimes

  4. BH

    I was going to suggest that Shomrim should get involved, however on second thought, just like when it comes to protect yiden in Erets Yisroel the Daty community is Potur, so i guess also in America it should be left to the Police

  5. People have to start thinking about the underlying reasons why things like this happen.

    Why is this spreading all across the country?
    Why are society and civilization sinking into violent anarchy?

    The answer, is the spread of violent radical athiesm.
    The more people reject G-ds’ commandments and morals and values, the more fanatically and irrationally, violent it will get.

    The Internet is full of radical athiests spewing vicious mindless hatred against those who believe in G-d.

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