AGAIN! Christian Missionary Family Revealed In Ramat Shlomo

Gonzalo Cabral (Beynenu organization)

A Christian missionary family living in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood of Jerusalem for the past year was exposed on Sunday, ending an extensive investigation by Yad L’Achim.

The story began when a Christian young man from Argentina named Gonzalo Cabral moved to Israel. He somehow formed a relationship with an elderly Jewish woman, telling her (falsely) that his parents cut him off and he’s all alone in the world. The woman took him into her house and treated him like a son.

Cabral took advantage of his relationship with the woman to portray himself as a Jew, using her distinctly Jewish name. He later changed his name again and now introduces himself as Ariel Katzenberg.

Once he was accepted as a Jew, his parents and younger siblings joined him in Israel and also infiltrated the Chareidi community. They even presented themselves as members of a Rabbinical family from Argentina.

At that point, Katzenberg began preaching Christianity. When Yad L’Achim began investigating the matter, the activists were astonished to discover his true identity as well as the fact that one of his younger brothers, who goes by the name Yehoyakim, was attending a Talmud Torah in a large Chareidi city. Yehoyakim even went to the home of a Gadol HaDor to receive a bracha together with a group of outstanding students from his school.

Katzenberg was so well integrated into the Chareidi community that he even testified to a Beis Din about the supposed “Jewish identity” of another Christian missionary.

Earlier this month, a Christian family, including a father and son posing as Rabbanim in the frum community in Phoenix, Arizona, were outed by the Beyneynu anti-missionary organization.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It’s about time that we were more proactive towards these parasites.
    When I was approached once by one of these senseless deluded individuals who outright asked me why Jews do not accept Christianity I answered that is because Jews have a hereditary abhorrence of idolatry and Christianity IS idolatry.
    He seemed surprised at my answer; he had never heard this before.
    He should have.
    I then had to be specific and explain to him that Christians and Jews do NOT worship the same God.
    We Jews worship the eternal incorporeal God of Abraham.
    Christians worship the image of a dead and tortured Jew hanging on a piece of wood.
    Protestants have a mental image. (He actually had to agree that a mental image is an image!)
    No similarity between the two.
    Christians and Jews have nothing in common. Yes, we have a long historical relationship. But that was always between [Christian] murderers and [Jewish] victims.
    When we meet professing Christians it is our duty to point out to them that they are Idol worshipers; constantly breaking the first two commandments.
    We should also explain to them that the covenant of Noah is still binding and that they are obligated to keep the seven Noahide commandments.
    I also sometimes explain to them that the TANACH is ours and could they please keep their impure hands and distorted minds away from it. Their supercilious arrogance and unbounded conceit in pretending to know our Bible better than we ourselves do is simply revolting.
    We should take the initiative and missionize them; not wait for them to come to us!

  2. The filth and exertion to topple jews from the Christian and Muslim sectors is pathetic and disgusting and those who follow this nonsense are as much….but I don’t believe it says enough of our secular jews who marry gentile woman and pretend to be Jews___think about it

  3. Several YouTube videos in Spanish report on this missionary. He has swindled dozens of people with the strategy of selling “tourist packages to Israel”. Groups of Christians who, upon arriving in Israel, are stranded. The missionary makes sure to charge them first, taking advantage of the Christians’ sentiment towards the land of Israel.