Incriminating Report: Israeli Anti-Vax MDs Told Late Activist To Refuse Treatment

Anti-vaxxer Arieh Avni (L.) who formed a political party called Rapeh (Heal) before his medical license was revoked was one of the doctors whose advise may have contributed to the death of Chai Shoulian (R.)

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A leading anti-vaxxer in Israel who died of COVID in September was advised by anti-vax doctors to refuse standard medical treatment even as he lay on his deathbed, Channel 12 News reported on Sunday.

Chai Shoulian, z’l, was hospitalized in Wolfson Hospital in Holon after he contracted COVID but his condition rapidly deteriorated and he eventually passed away.

According to the report, a Health Ministry investigation revealed that during Shoulian’s hospitalization, he was in contact with several doctors outside the hospital who advised him to refuse the treatment the hospital doctors offered him and try alternative treatments instead such as breathing exercises, vitamins, and inhaling the steam of tea.

These doctors have previously advised Shoulian not to get vaccinated against COVID.

The investigation, which was carried out by the ministry’s Committee for Prevention of Misleading the Public in Health Product Advertising, stated: “These doctors are among the leaders of the anti-vaccination movement…Now it has escalated – they actively intervened in the treatment of a patient who heeded their advice and wasn’t vaccinated. It’s possible that their actions led to harm to the point of death for the patient, who depended on their advice.”

The report named several of the doctors, including Michal Haran, Avshalom Carmel, and Arieh Avni, whose medical license was revoked by the Health Ministry in February after he publicly denied the coronavirus, spoke out against vaccinations, and offered forged vaccination certificates for pay.

Following Shoulian’s death, many of his followers on social media claimed he was murdered, a seemingly common claim for anti-vaxxers after someone in their ranks dies of COVID.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. When someone has a deathwish, there is no logic in diverting scarce medical resources from others who desperately want to live. Shoulian was not suffering from dementia and fully understood he was rejecting mainstream medical advice. He rolled the dice and lost.

  2. Are we going to ignore that Spring 2020 medical “treatment” of covid-19 was a disaster, and the mainstream medical community has been eagerly refining and correcting mistaken assumptions in treatment? Are we really so confident that the Nov 2021 treatments are the best approach that we should throw another doctor under the bus, despite the fact that almost anyone would agree that by Nov 2022 medical treatment of Covid will most likely be very different?

  3. I have a clip where Chai is talking from the hospital bed saying that the Israeli police poisoned him after they beat him up and broke his bones. I can’t figure out how to send downloaded clips on this comment, because I’d love to advertise this clip. How vicious it is to kill someone and blame it on someone else for cover up.

  4. Applejuice: Sure…just like the woman the hospital “murdered” and they put it on her matzeyvah until some adult supervision interceded and she now presumably lies in an unmarked grave. Its scary that some of the crazy conspiracy theories from the U.S. have made alyiah to EY.

  5. To somejewiknow:
    We’re not talking about disagreements about treating the virus, it’s about doctors who are trying to convince people against the vaccine. You cant deny that it is saving lives….

  6. I do not believe that those MEDICAL doctors told Shoulian not to take medical treatment. The murderers are looking for convenient scapegoats and those are the anti covid vaccine doctors.