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Former Imprisoned Bochur in Japan is Married

japYaakov Yosef Gruenwald was one of the three bochrim imprisoned in Japan after they were found to be smuggling. Gruenwald was the last of the three to be released, arriving in Israel in Elul 5772 to complete serving his prison term in an Israeli prison.

Baruch Hashem the young man was recently married in Bnei Brak, to a daughter of askan R’ Yudel Yakev. Among the rabbonim taking part in the chasenah was Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Grossman Shlita.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Do hope the lesson to be learned of not accepting $$$$$$ for transporting ‘someone’s” luggage is strongly taught and modeled to Bnei Torah so that this crisis does not happen again!!! What ever happened to the culprit?

  2. Whats missing in this article, is the beauty of this story. This boy just got married to yidel yaobs daughter from beney brak. Yidel yaakov, is the asken, who traveled aprox 17 times to japan to visit these boys in prison and donated years of his life, to help saving them. .

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