A PROMISE FULFILLED: “Achdus Shouldn’t Be Just For Times Of Tragedy”

HaRav Englard with Yakir and Maor at the bris of his son Yosef Naftali. (Yakir Asaraf/Sivan Rahav-Meir's Facebook page)

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Almost seven months ago, thousands of people were moved by a Facebook post by a secular Israeli who visited the shiva home of the Englard family following the devastating Meron tragedy in which they lost two sons.

The post, by Yakir Asaraf, told how he and his friend Maor overcame their fear of the unfamiliar to visit the shiva home, and described how Rav Englard was moved by their visit and said that Klal Yisrael shouldn’t wait for times of tragedy to unite but should share in each other’s simchos as well.

Apparently, Rav Englard isn’t one to be satisfied with mere rhetoric and sentimental words uttered at a vulnerable time and he actually followed up on his statement. Yakir wrote a letter to frum journalist Sivan Rahav-Meir describing the happy end of the story, saying that following the visit he kept Rav Englard’s moving remark about sharing simchos in mind.

“Suddenly this week, I received a message,” Yakir wrote. “A baby boy was born to the Englard family. HaRav Yitzchak contacted me and invited me to come to the bris, which heralds new life and comfort to the family. Last time, we met as they were sitting shiva. This time we met and embraced and danced and sang together.”

“When we parted, I told HaRav Yitzchak that now it’s my turn to invite him to my simchos and he agreed. I’m attaching a photo and the moving invitation to the bris, which for me wasn’t only a bris milah but was also a reminder of the bris between us.”

The invitation states: “To the special Yakir and Maor:

“Seven months ago we met in stressful and painful circumstances. I was moved then by the beauty of Am Yisrael and I realized that no koach in the world can divide brothers.”

“And davka then, within the tza’ar and darkness, the special connection between us emerged.”

“When you rose above yourselves and placed all your other considerations aside and you took the effort to comfort us and share in our pain – and all out of a sense of responsibility and Ahavas Yisrael.”

“You promised at the time to continue the mutual love, and especially at times of simcha.”

“Baruch Hashem, I’m happy to inform you that a son was born to me b’Mazal Tov and I want to invite you to the bris.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)