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Israel: Trying to Prevent Water Disconnects

waterThe Knesset Economics Committee met on Wednesday, 1 Teves 5774 to discuss modifying the current protocol for cutting off water to one’s home. At present, a water company may take action if a client has an outstanding bill of 350 NIS. The utility company must send two warning letters and it may then cut off water service. This occurs to about 1,000 families in Israel monthly. Water companies find turning off the water is a most effective means to compel one to pay a past due bill.

The committee decided to increase the minimum bill from 350 to 500 NIS in the hope of minimizing the number of water disconnects that occur monthly. There are about 2,775 water disconnects carried out in Yerushalayim annually.

With a scheduled 2% drop in water prices in January 2014 and the increase of the minimum cut off sum increased to 500 NIS, many families living under the poverty line will have a bit of breathing space before utility companies cut off their water service.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Do they send warnings and disconnect the Arabs’ water bills when they fail to pay their enormous water bills? Or is the “Israeli DEMOCRACY” applied only to our Arab enemies and not the Jews? It’s so interesting to note that all the secular Israelis who hate Ha-Shem are the ones who prove more and more that there is a Ha-Shem who runs the world. What is the saying that our Holy Sages said that if one is kind to the cruel they will be cruel to the kind.

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