WATCH: Bennett Gov’t Demolishes Yeshivah Amid Hundreds Of Illegal Arab Homes, Clashes In Homesh

Evacuation of Oz Tzion and Homesh. (Yeshivas Homesh)

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Dozens of policemen on  Monday morning carried out an evacuation of the small illegal outpost of Oz Tzion in Binyamin, north of Jerusalem, leading to clashes between the police and the residents.

The outpost has an active Beis Medrash, a shul and other structures. Two residents chained themselves to an iron post in order to deter the evacuation.

Hundreds of illegal Arab villages surround Oz Tzion but are ignored by the government.

“Surrounding us are hundreds of illegally built Arab homes but Bennett and Shaked choose to demolish davka Jewish property,” Oz Tzion residents told the press. “We’re now in a real battle over Yehudah and Shomron but we don’t intend to give up and we will continue to fight for the future of Eretz Yisrael.”

“Bennett’s and Gantz’s lust for the destruction of settlements hasn’t been satisfied,” said Otzma Yehudit chairman Itamar Ben-Gvir. “This is the same government that doesn’t destroy [illegal outposts] in the Negev and approves the Electricity Law for lawbreakers. The government only wields its might against Jews.”

Dati Leumi Rabbanim visiting Oz Tzion in the past.

Later on Monday, clashes broke out in Homesh between security forces and yeshiva bochurim when officials arrived at the outpost and began confiscating equipment owned by the Homesh Yeshivah. Witnesses complained that the police used excessive violence against the students.

Last month, Yehuda Dimentman, h’yd, a student of the Homesh Yeshivah, was killed by terrorists as he left Homesh.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Idiotic Mizrachi Dati Leumi rabbis keep pushing the Zionist philosophy and encourage their youth to join the army. They must learn from the chareidim. As long as they destroy the communities of the settlers they should all refuse army service. Will see who will stick their necks out for these fat cat secular politicians. Even the secular Israelis have stopped sending their youth to the army. If the army loses tens of thousands of soldiers they will think twice about destroying gush Katif and so many other areas.

  2. The video makes me sick more than footage or pictures of nazi Germany. That Bennett considers himself “shomer shabbat” is part of this delusion that people have that one could be frum on their own definition of what that is. These people are reshaim gemurim and we the Pinchas’s of the world to stand up to their behavior.
    Some time ago a video was posted of israeli policeman getting beat up by arab mafia types I’m sure that resulted in little repercussions because they are scared of using force. Well its time Chareidim used similar actions against these sadistic משטרה. Sometimes one must fight fire with fire.

  3. I love Chareidim….I do not love what you are doing to the homes of our own, Bennet Gov’t isn’t here forever and the man is a fool, who will marry the daughter of a murderer, who will marry the son of a fool, really, his 6 seats and a relationship with a fool….but, Hashem put him there to show the fool something…now we are all seeing it too

  4. This is Bennet the Rascha. Only to stay in the Gouverment. The whole dati leumi People should go against him.
    He is a rodef Israel. Afriend of the arabs he hate the charedim and also the Misrachiim.A am Hooretz gamur. Wake Up the police is worser then the Nazis and the Gestapo.

  5. @Rats
    You cannot degrade somebody because they do the mandatory army service. Unfortunately, due to Arab Nations surrounding Israel, the Dati Leumi have no choice but to help defend their country. What Chareidim do is sit in their kollels, not contributing anything to society while their brothers and sisters are often on the front lines fighting for their sake. Show some Hakarat Hatov. The outposts set up by Jews in that area do in fact violate international law, and whether we like it or not, Israel cannot risk going against the entire U.N.

  6. Bouncing yak
    These soldiers are instructed to fight with one hand tied behind their backs. If a soldier just points his gun on a threatening Arab he can end up in jail. No israeli youth should join the army. Gush Katif was not pressured to be destroyed. There were nine thousand Jews living there for thirty years. You say israel can’t fight the UN so give up Tel Aviv the sin city. Any israeli kid joining the israeli army is a fool. The politicians have zero sympathy with the soldiers. They treat them like Garabage. They are forced to give up their judaism in so many ways. They are forced to listen to female singers. This is fact. They are forced to share rooms with gays and trans soldiers. Israel is more pro Mishkav zocher than the vast armies of the world. Their goal is to destroy Torah Judaism. Satmar is right and I’m not even chassidish.

  7. @bouncing_Yak ¨What Chareidim do is sit in their kollels, not contributing anything to society¨

    Thatś the most stupidest thing to say. Who do you think protects the army?? Itś very foolish that you think That the Israeli army can just take down so many countries, like what happened in the six day war, and you foolishly think that itś not a neis at all, just that we have a good army. The spiritual power of chareidim learning in Kollel is one of the greatest contributions to society.

  8. @bouncing yack wow, chareidim provide the most spiritual things for ey, and you say they don´t contribute to society lol. Israel would lose itś protection if they weren´t a land of torah.

  9. @bouncingyak Noice. Interesting you think charedim don´t contribute to society, even though you are only alive because of torah. If not for them the world would be destroyed, so next time think twice…

  10. Bouncing-Yak, well, you the Zionist has spoken. This is not the Zionist of years ago who did what they had to and didn’t care much about world opinion. Now we have appeasers like you…In other words, Zionism is like a balloon that went bust…