DRAMATIC TWIST: HaRav Lau Says He Will Head Giyur Authority, Bypassing Kahana’s Appt.

הרב בניהו ברונר בהר הבית (צילום: חיים קרויזר, מטה ארגוני המקדש)

In the continuation of Chief Rabbi HaRav Lau’s battle against the appointment of Rabbi Binyahu Brunner as the head of the Giyur Authority, Rav Lau announced on Wednesday that he will head the Authority himself, eliminating the need for Rabbi Brunner.

Religious Affairs Matan Kahana had dismissed Rav Moshe Weller as the head of the Authority due to his refusal to advance the giyur reform and appointed Rabbi Brunner to replace him. In response, Rav Lau threatened to freeze all giyur processes.

A letter sent by the head of HaRav Lau’s office to the Civil Service Commissioner announced that Rav Lau will fulfill the position of the head of the Givyur Authority in accordance with the law stating that the “Giyur Authority in the state of Israel will operate according to halacha and will be guided by the Nasi of the Beis Din HaGadol.”

“Throughout the years, the presidents of the Batei Din were the ones who appointed the head of the Giyur Authority, who is in charge of implementing the halachic guidelines of the Nasi Beis HaDin in the giyur system,” the letter stated.

“Therefore, in the current situation, in which the term of the representative appointed by the Nasi Beis HaDin was terminated, and in the face of the weighty halachic responsibility that still falls on the shoulders of the Nasi Beis HaDin, the Nasi has no choice but to take on the responsibility himself, in accordance with his authority.”

“The Nasi Beis Hadin announces that he will use his legal authority and accept all responsibilities and duties of the Giyur Authority so that in fact the appointment of the head of the giyur authority is uprooted from its roots. The Nasi intends to be available for every question and to closely monitor all conversion processes in the system.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)