“Israel Has 2nd Highest Infection Rate In The World,” Health Expert Says

Coronavirus ward at Shaarei Tzedek Hospital.

As Israel’s daily COVID cases continue to mount and the number of seriously ill patients skyrockets to over 500 (from just 100 a few weeks ago), Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Nachman Ash said on Tuesday that the health system is under intense strain.

“The strain on hospitals and the health system…is immense,” he said. “The whole system is stretched to the limit with these numbers. The hospitals have the capacity to accept patients but at the cost of reducing other activities.”

Ash added that he thinks the number of cases will peak in about another week but Israel still faces a difficult two or three weeks ahead.

Prof. Eran Segal of Weizmann Institute also said on Tuesday that the number of cases will soon peak and estimated that about two million Israelis have contracted the Omicron COVID variant so far.

“About three weeks ago, we estimated that the increase would continue for three weeks, after which we would see a decrease,” Segal said in an interview with Yediot Achranot. “That’s happening now – just as we predicted.”

“In terms of daily verified cases, we’re in second place in the world, below Ireland.”

“We’ve confirmed over 500,000 cases during the Omicron wave, which is the same number we confirmed during the Delta wave. Since the number of people who are actually infected is three to four times higher than the number of confirmed cases, my estimate is that about 1.5 million to two million Israelis have been infected with Omicron.”

Segal added that the number of cases should peak in the next few days, followed by a decrease.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Funny how Bennet so criticized Netanyahu for his handling of Covid back then. This clownster seems wholly incapable of much and his handling of Covid certainly seems laughable.

  2. For all those who kept badmouthing those who were anti covid vax- are u awake yet?
    Israel is the highest vaxxed country in the world. They’re practically the only country with widespread FOURTH doses. Yet, today they’ve surpassed every other country in new infections, even countries with miserable vax rates. What do you say to the conspiracy theorists now? An apology would be nice but most people are too brainwashed to appreciate the irony and see the truth. The vaccine makes people MORE susceptible to covid. If you still think covid vaccines should be rushed out to the public and want everyone to have it or they shouldn’t walk into your house, please go get your head examined.

  3. Now we don’t hear anymore about those in the hospitals not being “vaccinated”. These poison “vaccines” are useless as well as dangerous.

  4. I actually find this funny!

    Israel is the highest Vaxed and triple boostered country – and yet they have the highest infection rate?!

    And I believe the runner up is, non other than, Australia ( with all their draconian rules) !

    They must be doing something wrong – and they should learn from their mistakes!!

  5. YWN must specify “in hospital for covid” or “in hospital for other reasons, diagnosed with covid in hospital” (incidental covid). The story is meaningless otherwise. In NY the numbers of “covid patients” were just released. 49% were admitted for covid, while 51% were admitted for other reasons, but tested positive for covid.

  6. TYW the article title doesn’t talk about hospitalization
    It merely states a fact- Israel has the highest levels of infection
    How many of those are hospitalized is another story

  7. The Israeli government is now saying vaccine passports don’t help
    I am crying for the people that were killed, lost their livelihood, etc., etc., etc., over these passports.
    but as everything else hashem runs his and we can’t understand it

  8. In a wide-ranging and forthright interview with Freddie Sayers, Professor Cyrille Cohen, head of Immunology at Bar Ilan University and a member of the advisory committee for vaccines for the Israeli Government said:

    – The Green Pass / vaccine passport concept was no longer relevant in the Omicron era and should be phased out (he expected it to be in short order in Israel)
    – He and his colleagues were surprised and disappointed that the vaccines did not prevent transmission, as they had originally hoped
    – The biggest mistake of the pandemic in Israel was closing schools and education – he apologised for that
    – Widespread infection is now an inevitable part of future immunity — otherwise known as herd immunity
    – Omicron has accelerated the pandemic into the endemic phase, in which Covid will be “like flu”

  9. I am urging everyone here who make conclusions from “breaking stories” to stop and collect information first. Yes, Israel has growing cases and is alarmed about growing hospitalizations.

    At the same time. Israel has 2.5 less hospitalization rate than USA, 1.5 less in ICU (and unfortunately growing), and current 5x less death rate, B’H. Total death rate for whole pandemic is 3x less than USA, less than Europe and same as Canada. So, despite the alarming news, Israel is not doing very bad.

    This is something to think about – you are making all these pronouncements without knowing simple numbers. It is like you don’t respect what comes out of your mouth/keyboard. This ain’t kosher.

  10. to make it more visual
    Israel lost 0.1% of population during this pandemic. Out of 7 mln Jews, this is 7,000 people. If Israel were to have US death rate of 0.25% – Israel would have lost additional 10,000 (TEN THOUSAND, REVAVA) people. So, whatever measures Israel took saved those people. Are you complaining that saving REVAVOT of Jews was wrong and that they should be dead rather than inconvenience your vacation?