WATCH: “Chareidim Are The Elite IDF Unit Of The State”

Likud MK Galit Distel Atbaryan defends the Chareidim from the Knesset plenum.

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Amid the fiery speeches in the Knesset on Monday prior to the vote on the Chareidi conscription law, there were some memorable moments, with Chareidi and other MKs speaking from the Knesset plenum one after the other, defending the right of the Chareidim to preserve their religious lifestyle.

One of the speeches that echoed through the plenum was that of Likud MK Galit Distel Atbaryan, who silenced the plenum with her words spoken from the heart in particularly loud tones.

“You should know – my Chareidi brothers, you’re not alone!” she began. “The flagship of the right is behind you one hundred percent. And not as a favor or donation – because you’re the Sayeret Hamatklal (elite IDF unit) of the Jewish identity of this State. What’s happening now is intolerable, under the protection of the fake right, a center of ignorance headed by someone who doesn’t even have a high school certificate [a reference to Yair Lapid].”

“And in the merit of the anti-Zionist left, the heart of this Jewish state has been pushed into the corner. We’re on the brink of a volcano and this situation can’t continue. The religious and Zionist majority is being trampled. How much can you beat us already? This won’t continue!”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. At least the Zion right is starting to recognize that playing nice to the chiloni world brings you people who become anti Jews and want to rip every bit of Jewishness out of this nation

  2. This headline is misleading . She did not say you are the elite idf unit of the state.
    Rather she said “you’re the (elite IDF unit) of the JEWISH IDENTITY of this State.”

  3. Kofrim are trying to kidnap children of Yisroel and be moser them into kefirah indoctrination military camps and into potentially fatal genetics experiments. This indecent woman among those kofrim and mosrim is somehow supposed to represent you by yelling in her best tempt to impersonate the rhetoric and style of goyish Parliamentarian men? Her emotions seem inauthentic. She literally works for the same people trying to kidnap your children and get them to renounce the Torah. Seriously. Just think about the situation. Don’t be fooled but the Magen David on a Chinese polyester flag in the background.

  4. Besalel, very well said. That is the case with most Sepharadim. Aside for “white hats” whom got dealt a massive blow in Brooklyn just last week.
    Some of their wealthier supporters and younger generations are waking up and realizing. Torah holds up the world וזה הוא!!

  5. “Kofrim are trying to kidnap children of Yisroel and be moser them into kefirah indoctrination military camps and into potentially fatal genetics experiments..”
    Schmendrick: Did the Rx for your meds expire?? Otherwise, try to take a deep breadth and gain control. Things will get better…..