Israel’s Chevrei Kadisha: “We’re On Verge Of Collapse & Haven’t Reached Peak Of Deaths”

A worker from 'Hevra Kadisha,' Israel's official Jewish burial society, prepares bodies at a special morgue for COVID-19 victims in Holon, near Tel Aviv, October 12, 2020. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

Israel’s Chevrei Kadisha are staggering under the load of the high COVID death rate this month amid an unprecedented infection rate spurred by the Omicron variant, with the number of COVID cases confirmed in three weeks in January surpassing all the cases confirmed in 2021.

Since the start of January, 468 COVID fatalities have been buried through the Religious Affairs Ministry, which connects hospitals to Chevros Kadisha throughout Israel, as compared to last month, when only 38 COVID fatalities were buried, Yisrael Hayom reported.

“It’s extremely difficult to deal with the situation right now,” Rav Avraham Mendla, the director of the Chevros Kadisha Forum and head of the Chevra Kadisha in Tel Aviv, told Yisrael Hayom.

“We’re almost completely out of manpower. We’re recruiting more volunteers. We barely survived the previous wave with similar numbers but now we still aren’t even close to the peak of fatalities. What will happen if there will another 50% of the fatalities that we have today? I daven that we won’t reach such a situation.”

Another member of the Chevra Kadisha Forum told Yisrael Hayom: “The number of fatalities is insane and now we’re also beginning to see children who were niftar [from COVID]. The pediatricians’ protests against the end of students’ quarantine stem from the fact that the pediatric emergency departments are beginning to fill up – and they’re also coming to us. It’s horrible.”

Moshe Shimon, the director of the Kehillas Yerushalayim Chevra Kadisha, which tends to over 50% of the kevuros in the capital every day, said: “Our workers are working with mesirus nefesh, day and night, around the clock. We’re used to about 7 levayos a day and now we have 14 levayos a day. It was absolutely terrible last Motzei Shabbos – another levaya every half hour. We’re approaching a catastrophe.”

On Motzei Shabbos, the Health Ministry confirmed another 58 COVID fatalities, raising the death toll to 8,657.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. For the people learning the Daf these days will know the Story between Shmuel and his brother.

    A yid should never say this “ Haven’t Reached Peak Of Deaths” R”L

  2. Is this in spite of vaccination levels higher than the world average? Or BECAUSE of high vax rates?
    It seems to me the vax has been a complete and utter failure and those who warned the Jewish nation not to participate in this experiment may have been on the mark. Hope it doesn’t get even worse.
    Some doctors and scientists said previous trials of these type of vaccines were halted because of a phenomenon known as ADE autoimmune dependent enhancement
    In which the person appears to be immune but when infected later on with the wild virus they were more likely to get severely sick and die
    That was what occurred for decades with all animals trials
    Yet they happily skipped animal trials went straight to humans and all these idiots lined up like sheep. Or were forced. Really really hope it’s not as bad as some people have predicted.

  3. Interesting how the only country giving out a 4th booster is having the worst death rate as the rest of work is easing out of Covid. Israelis need to stop being the test subject for never/ending boosters. The vax/booster is experimental. Remember that.

  4. Why are you using a photo from October 2020? We are in Israel and not hearing of many fatalities. Neither from friends in the medical field, or even in the news. Last time around there were more death announcements. And one of my nurse friends said that everyone who tests positive is counted in the Covid statistics, even if she came into the hospital to give birth! Since Omicron is so extremely widespread, I wonder if they are adding every fatality to the statistics whether that was the cause of death or not.

    If anything, we see sick people in almost every home and very few hospitalizations, let alone fatalities. Even as the infections are soaring, the fatalities (even if they are inflated) registered are a MIYUT from a MIYUT considering the numbers of sick.

    Something is off with this story and the photo is a strange accompaniment.

  5. Something is weird there in Israel and the only thing I can think of is the “vaccine” who many scientists and doctors warned can be fatal. The fact is that here in the frum communities in the US, where the majority are not “vaccinated, most of us were exposed to civd and got infected, many of us twice. The newer variants have been particularly mild, nothing more than an average case of flu, often even with milder symptoms than an average case of the flu. There have been almost no deaths lately exclusively to covid, and certainly almost no children have died, although there has been a few cases of child fatalities due to RSV caused by covid- if a child has symptoms of cough and has tested positive for the virus they must be watched carefully. It is a crime that early treatment is not the standard protocol and all covid deaths are murders according to MANY doctors because covid-19 is treatable.

    So why are so many people dying in Israel from the virus when at this time the vast majority of cases are mild? The CAUSES MUST BE STUDIED! Whether it’s the covid -19 shot or massive lack of vitamin D in Israelis as many doctors suggest, there is a root problem that should be looked at. Instead of these chachomim talking about the fourth shot when these shots have not prevented covid infection and spreading, they should be studying the real issues causing the deaths.

  6. Not to diminish the seriousness of the situation, I’m just surprised you’re reporting this specifically now, as the cases in Israel are on the decline. Hopefully that means less deaths, not more.

  7. To all those fighting against government involvement in Covid mitigation – promotion of vaccinations, restrictions on those not vaccinated, etc – thank you helping yiddin die free. As the velt says, better to die free from common-sense regulations made for the public good than to live under the tyranny of law. When this is all over, please help fight against seat belts and speed limits – they too are the evil government’s way of controlling people.

  8. Did this article accidentally get pulled from the archives from early 2020?
    It feels surreal
    Didn’t Israel convince the population that the vaccine would save them and enforce green passes?
    What happened to their promises of no more covid if everyone vaccinated
    What u won’t see on the news
    Is that Israel now has the highest cases in the world
    So the question that begs to be answered- why haven’t the vaccines been pulled from the market
    They’re EUA
    They need to be effective to be approved
    They’ve obviously lied