Alpha, Delta, & Omicron: Israeli Boy Caught 3 COVID Variants

Channel 12 News screenshot

An 11-year-old Israeli boy has been confirmed to have contracted three COVID variants, Alpha, Delta, and Omicron.

“I’m fine, I feel pretty healthy, I hardly have symptoms,” Alon Helfgot told Channel 12 News.

Alon said that he was sicker when he had Alpha and Delta. “I had a high fever when I had Alpha,” he said.

Alon said that he’s one of 10 out of 27 kids in his class who currently have COVID, and complained that he’s bored, adding that he’s already been in quarantine 3-4 times since the school year started.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Somebody please get that poor kid a mask, and mask up around him. When he is eligible get him a booster shot. I only want to hear good news about this boy and all of Am Yisroel. Lets all be mekayem VeNishmartem Me’Od.

  2. It might take 4 or more immunity events to get the virus danger down. Everyone can choose to a degree what combinations of vaccines and virus exposures they select for that.

    Someone recounted history of 1918-20 flu: it actually took 3-4 years to get it down to “regular flu level” – 3rd wave being the worst, and 2nd and 4th less but comparable to each other. As now, people were careful during 2nd, but gave up and “went to regular life” during 4th but number of victims was similar. B’H we now have vaccines, PPP, internet for WFH (thanks, Al Gore!) to mitigate the worst.

    This tiredness effect helps appreciate the midrashim about Migdal Bavel – that they mourned the brick that fell, not the person. This was obviously at the latter part of the project when Migdal was high, and at some point of long time period economy/finishing the project leads to disregard of human life. Maybe this is Hashem’s test.