TRAGEDY: Chassan Niftar 3 Weeks Before His Wedding To Daughter Of Badchan Yoily Lebowitz


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Yidden around the globe are reeling after hearing the tragic news of the untimely death of HaChassan Yaakov Yitchak Grossinger, z’l, at the young age of 23, overnight Tuesday.

The niftar was hospitalized several days ago after suffering from pneumonia.

Yaakov Yitzhak, z’l, was engaged to be married to the daughter of the famed badchan Yoely Lebowitz, the son of the Nickelsburg Rebbe from Monsey. Tragically, this is the second searing tragedy for the family, as the Rebbe’s son, Reb Baruch Yehudah Leibowitz, z’l, passed away in Israel only two weeks ago.

The Niftar is the son of Mr. Hershy and Mrs. Breindy Grossinger of Boro Park.

He was currently learning in the Geldztzaler Chabura in the Mir Yerushalayim.

The Levaya was held on Wednesday afternoon in Yerushalayim.

Below is a video of the niftar with Lebowitz and the Nickelsburg Rebbe:

The niftar’s friends say that he was always full of simchas hachaim and was deeply connected to Reb Shayele of Kerestir in Hungary, and he regularly traveled to the kever to daven, as can be seen in the photo below:

Yehi Zichro Baruch

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Just the other day YWN posted a ‘miracle tale’ of a non-Jew getting a yeshuah in zechus of Reb Shaya of Kerestir.

    And now this happens to a young yeshiva bochur who “was deeply connected to Reb Shayele of Kerestir in Hungary, and he regularly traveled to the kever to daven”.

    Takeaway: Reb Shaya ben R. Moshe is limited, and not the answer for everything.

  2. So heartbreaking so heart wrenching. This Tzaddik cHasson to die so young is unbelievably tragic. I can’t imagine what the kallah and parents must be doing through. Gehenom no doubt

  3. R’ Lemayseh,

    My dear friend, I hate to leave comments here, especially on such tragic news. But I felt I need to counter your message.

    Hashem is the one that gives us life, and he takes it back when he so deems fit, sometimes in tragic circumstances, can you חס ושלום say on him too that he’s limited? Is he not the answer for everything?

    צדיק גוזר והקב”ה מקיים, but sometimes the Tzaddik also agrees that this is for the best.

  4. lemayseh….. I cant understand that video of the non jew. Going to kevarim and davvening for a yeshuah is fine, but recently I think that people have gotten confused. yidden! we have to davven to Hashem and realise that ONLY He is the source of yeshuas! there is no problem in going to a kever and asking Gedolim to intercede, but it is almost apikorsus to feel they are “the answer for everything.” Only the Ribbono shel Olam is the answer…. and He sometimes answers “NO”. Yiddishkeit is hard work. You cant expect to davven at a Kever and automatically be saved….

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