Yamina MK: Bring Reb Nachman Of Breslov To Israel

צילום: שמעון לוי, חדשות 24

In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Yamina MK Yomtov Kalfon called for the Israeli government to reinter Reb Nachman Breslov in Israel.

“It is time to bring Reb Nachman of Uman to Israel,” Kalfon stated. “There’s already a plot prepared in Jerusalem.”

Russia shelled the city of Uman on Thursday due to the weapon depots in the city, and four locals were killed. The Ukrainian authorities subsequently ordered the evacuation of all residents of the city. Most of the Jews in Uman have crossed the border into Moldova.

The Jews in Uman had prepared to evacuate by hiring buses and drivers but those plans went awry when all the drivers disappeared as soon as the bombing began.

Hatzalah Ukraine CEO Shlomo Rosilio told The Jewish Press on Wednesday morning that he is trying to purchase a bus to evacuate the Jews from the city.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Again with this garbage? Reb Nachman went to die in Uman specifically because he wanted to be buried there, among the kedoshim who are buried in that cemetery. It would be a chutzpah to move him elsewhere, even to Eretz Yisroel.

  2. They should attempt to bring him to Israel because when they open it up they’ll discover that the grave is empty. He was moved to an undisclosed location like 150 yrs ago

  3. This MK clearly is ignorant of this venture already having been put forth numerous times, but the Ukrainian government shan’t allow it, because Jewish people going to Uman brings huge amount of revenue to Ukraine.

  4. Oh men, wake up! People are dying and this is what they care about?? 1000s of Jews are unable to leave Ucrania. This is much more important…. This you should care about. Uman is gone, past…..its destroyed…… bye bye Stupid politics

  5. Seriously, all the DNA of Yiddin in the Ukraine should be taken out back to Yisroel asap while there’s a chance. I believe in that wholeheartedly.