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CONFIRMED: Jacob Ostreicher Has Been Released From Bolivia & Is Back In The United States [UPDATED 5:19PM ET]


UPDATE 5:19PM ET: A son of Mr. Ostreicher tells TLS the following: “My father is in the US….he was kidnapped in Bolivia…and a ransom was demanded….The ransom money was paid, and Jacob was then dropped off in an undisclosed location in the United States…..I have still not spoken to him, but we know he’s safe – and we’re still trying to figure out where he is.”

UPDATE 5:16PM ET: Sources confirm to YWN that Mr. Ostreicher was not released by the Bolivian government, but apparently escaped the country.

UPDATE 5:12PM ET: A nephew of Mr. Ostreicher writes the following in an email being forwarded around: “With happiness we are informing Klal Yisroel that our dear uncle… has already left the iron curtain in Bolivia, and is now, Bichasdei Hashem, here in America,”

UPDATE 4:57PM ET: YWN has spoken with NYC Councilman David Greenfield, who was in contact with Mr. Ostreicher at least once a week. Greenfield says he spoke to him last week, and may have alluded to his possible release / escape. “He said that ‘things were happening’.” Greenfield refused to give us more information.

UPDATE 4:53PM ET: NY Asemblyman Dov Hikind tweets “With thanks to G-d, I am *thrilled* that Jacob Ostreicher is finally home in America!”

UPDATE 4:50PM ET: YWN has confirmed that Bichasdei Hashem Jacob Ostreicher has landed in the United States.

UPDATE 4:29PM ET: Reports are also stating that Mr. Ostreicher managed to escape Bolivia to a third country, and then traveled to the United States.

FIRST REPORT 4:24PM EST: Numerous tweets on social media are reporting that Jacob Ostreicher has been released from Bolivia. YWN is attempting to confirm these reports.

Mr. Ostreicher was arrested in June 2011 by Bolivian authorities in Santa Cruz while overseeing a rice-growing agriculture venture that he had invested in. After being held in the infamous Palmasola prison for more than a year, Mr. Ostreicher had been under house arrest in Bolivia since his release from prison in December. Since then, a number of Bolivian officials have been arrested and charged with participating in an extortion scheme against Mr. Ostreicher. However, despite ample evidence proving his innocence, Mr. Ostreicher continued to be held as his health deteriorates, despite never having been formally charged with breaking any laws.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. I just checked and they do have extradition treaties so I hope he doesn’t get sent back and face more charges for escaping………

  2. This is some of what the US State Department says about Bolivia:

    “The most serious human rights problems included arbitrary arrest or detention, denial of a fair and timely public trial, and violence against women.

    Additional human rights problems included harsh prison conditions, restrictions on freedom of speech and press, official corruption in the judiciary and elsewhere, lack of government transparency, trafficking in persons, and vigilante justice.

    Societal discrimination continued against women; members of racial and ethnic minority groups; indigenous persons; individuals with disabilities; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons; and those with HIV/AIDS. ”

    The government took steps in some cases to prosecute security service and other government officials who committed abuses; however, inconsistent application of the laws and a dysfunctional judiciary led to impunity. ”

    The US government would not DARE send him back given this.

    Welcome back, Jacob!!!

  3. May we Hashem soon redeem the rest of our brethren who are in prison as well as redeem klal Yisroel from this GOLUS, soon in our days!!!

  4. This was not an escape if you read what is said here. They just didn’t advertise it for his safety. Secondly, from the background that he has they consider israel almost as bad as bolivia.

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