Jerusalem Municipality to Clear Downed Trees


Kuvien Snow In Jerusalem 2013 ---117As Jerusalem City Hall seeks to return to regular operations following the blizzard, city decision-makers accepted a suggested from Shas Councilman Michael Michaeli, that the city also carts off trees downed in yards of apartment buildings. These areas are viewed as private public areas.

Michaeli explains that residents are working to get back to regular life and having to deal with downed trees would be costly for residents who would have to absorb the cost. In addition, it would take too long until the decision is made and a company hired to cart off trees by a vaad bayis. Michaeli feels the trees are a hazard and the quicker they are removed the better for all concerned. City officials are in agreement and the city will incur the expense of carting these trees away.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)