Mayor Bloomberg: I Regret Not Changing City Elections


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blomMayor Michael Bloomberg has said he never plans to run in another election. But he still rues not having persuaded New Yorkers to make city races nonpartisan.

The mayor said on his WOR-AM radio show Friday that the election issue may be his biggest regret as he reflects on his 12-year tenure. He leaves office Dec. 31.

The Republican-turned-independent mayor says an unaffiliated voter “doesn’t get a real, practical chance” to participate. He says in an overwhelmingly Democratic city, “it’s only the primary that matters.”

With that said, no Democrat had won the mayor’s office in a generation before Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio.

Bloomberg championed a 2003 ballot initiative that would have instituted nonpartisan city elections. It failed by a margin of 70 percent to 30 percent.



  1. Does he regret most NY’ers disagreeing with him? Typical him. Most NY’ers think otherwise, but he believes it should be his way.

    Making the elections nonpartisan would sell it to the highest bidder.