Search Continues for Missing Yeshiva Talmid


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1Police are searching for a missing talmid yeshiva who disappeared after leaving his Rehovot home on Thursday, 16 Teves 5774. Police report the young talmid was carrying two suitcases and his tefilin bag. He may have been on a bicycle too.

He has long curly black peyos, and was wearing a black yarmulke, black slacks, white shirt, and a long black button down coat.

Anyone who has information is urged to phone 08-937-1481, 08-937-1500 or 100.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. These are the circumstances when you would want to be certain that yeshiva talmidim and kollel yungerliet have cellphones or PDAs to communicate in an emergency. Hopefully B’yh he will found soon and safe. The article seems a bit confusing since a bochur carrying two suitcases and his tefillin bag and wearing a long black coat would not simulataneously be riding a bike.

  2. Check the military or military jails. He might very well have been from the very recent ones dragged in there. As has happened very often, their families are only notified a week or two later.