Katz: The Cat is Out of the Bag – Release Pollard Now!


pollardn1-300x181Minister of Transportation Yisrael Katz on Sunday morning 19 Teves 5774 announced that now the world knows for certainty that the United States does spy on Israel, as has been recently confirmed.

Katz explains that his being the case, the time has come for Israel to demand the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard, who is serving a life sentence for handing classified information to Israel. Katz stated if this is how the US can act towards a staunch ally, Washington must explain why Pollard is serving a prison term.

Katz stated he plans to raise the issue at today’s weekly cabinet meeting, to demand the government confront the White House to bring an end to the this practice. In addition, he wants the prime minister to demand the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard based on this new information.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. No one in the U.S. government had paid anyone in EY to sell secret information to American spies. I’m not sure you can compare the normal monitoring of electronic transmissions which is done by the U.S. , EY and most other countries with the capability against virtually EVERY country whose signals it can intercept with the actions of Pollard?

  2. Number 1, how do you know that “No one in the U.S. government had paid anyone in EY to sell secret information to American spies.” Even the President would not know such information. These kinds of things are the domain of the lower levels, and the higher levels don’t want to know. It’s called deniability. Nobody knows more than the person he reports to, and those directly under him. You may hear of ten spies caught, but you never hear of more than 3 levels caught. Most of those caught are usually on the lowest level.

  3. To No. 3

    You have a “right” to demand whatever you want…..No president will respond to “demands”….if Pollard is released, it will be part of some broader global settlement of multiple issues in a peace process of which Pollard will be a minor point. Its 100 percent certain that EY still does its best to monitor communications by U.S. diplomats and military entities in the middle east just as we monitor their electronic transmissions. You are naïve if you believe the recent news disclosure give you a right to anything beyond chulent on Thursdays.

  4. No. 1 is talking sense. Nos. 2, 3 and 4, not so much.

    No. 2: How would the US be affected if Israel, which is heavily dependent on US support, refuses to negotiate for peace? Maybe I am missing something, but as I see it, Israel has no leverage over the US. American Jewish supporters of Israel are already doing as much as they can for Mr. Pollard’s release. Bad behavior by Israel will not help.

  5. Israel is a small and relatively weak country that needs the US more than the US needs it. That is the reality and Minister Katz should be cognizant of that fact before making his public demands.

  6. The relationship between the US and Israel is similar to the relationship between a lamb and the farmer. Israel is a client state, little better than a colony. It is allowed to make lots of noise as if it was independent, but it is little better than a colony. It has more freedom than, say, Puerto Rico, but not by much.

    Frankly, they would have been better off to accept the offer to become an American colony (discussed after World War I, and very seriously after World War II).