Sources: NYPD Upset At Satmar Of Kiryas Yoel For ‘Holiday Week’ Manhattan Protest


satmHigh-ranking NYPD officials have discreetly voiced their disgust at the Satmar of Kiryas Yoel (Aroni) faction, ahead of their planned protest, against the IDF Draft of Yeshiva students, scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) in Manhattan.

YWN spoke separately with three top NYPD brass, each of whom was unaware that we had spoken with the others. All three stated that they were furious at Satmar’s decision to hold a protest in Manhattan, a day before X-Mas. “This is the busiest two weeks in NYC, and the last thing we needed was a few thousand Satmars in the streets”, one stated.

Another official told YWN “don’t think for a second that next time permits need to be pulled by Satmar, we won’t remember this”.

YWN asked them if they had voiced their opposition to the Satmar leadership. “Oh they know”, one of the three told YWN. “They know what this week is. Where is their sensitivity? That’s all they care about is that the NYPD should be sensitive to their needs, which we respect. But how about being sensitive to our needs as well. This is a two way street.”


(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. That’s the best time for a protest. The idea is to be as visible as possible.

    Remember Satmar has the strongest case to make against conscription since they weren’t taking zionist money, don’t participate in Israeli politics, and are clearly conscientious objectors (since they hold the Arab-Israeli War is contrary to halacha). All they need to do is convince the Israelis (and the people who pull their strings) to treat them as conscientious objectors and leave them alone. Pro-zionist “hareidim” such as Degel ha-Torah and Agudah have a more complicated problem since they are used to getting zionist money and have always allowed/encouraged non-students to serve in the IDF.

  2. Did any readers find this unusual?

    ME, ME, ME, that’s the name of the game.
    Awareness, concern, living in the world at large, are all part of “Derachacha Darchei Shalom”.

  3. #8- Absolutely nothing unusual here. Satmar could care less about the disruptions in NYC and certainly not about the chillul Hashem involved.

    Also, Akuperma comments first. Not learning a word of Torah….AS USUAL!

  4. Did the NYPD brass really think that Satmar was aware of the upcoming holidays and the influx of shoppers and tourists? Only those Satmars waoking at B&H would know anout these things.

  5. I really think it was an oversight. Someone like Edgar Gluck should talk to them. The Rebbe’s demonstration was also pushed off till after the holidays.

  6. Satmar should make a kiddush Hashem and postpone it for a week when the admorim from Eretz Yisrael will be there.

    If Satmar wanted to make a kiddish Hashem, they wouldn’t have the protest at all.

  7. takahmamash: If the zionists wanted to make a Kiddush HaShem (or whomever they worship and want to kadesh, Herzyl, Logic, whatever), they wouldn’t be trying to draft yeshiva students. It’s not like they are going to be available as canon fodder – in fact they will probably end up fewer combat soldiers as a result of conscripting yeshiva students, and with a bigger problem of disloyal and unmotivated soldiers.

  8. instead off makeing a kiddush hsham it is easier to do just the opposite, all the boys that just roam the street should go to the army that is a kiddush hasham and then go work and make a living

  9. To #11 who said
    “Did the NYPD brass really think that Satmar was aware of the upcoming holidays…”

    Did you read the article where it states:
    YWN asked them if they had voiced their opposition to the Satmar leadership. “Oh they know”, one of the three told YWN. “They know what this week is.”

  10. The fact that this article is on YWN shows that someone is using YWN as a mouthpiece against the Ahroni faction. We all know which politicians are in bed with YWN and regardless of their multiple exclamations of being neutral, history has shown otherwise.
    Has someone spoke to them and expressed concern in a legitimate fashion?

  11. To those that say they did not know what this week was you are simply lying. At least akuperma admits this. Plus as the article says they were told that upper management at the NYPD is not too happy about this.

    Now concerning of this is a chillul hashem. The way I think satmar looks at this is simple. It’s MUTTAR to cause a chillul hashem to the non jews as long as it’s against the treife israel government. This is how they see it. The hate the satmar have for the israeli govt is so much that they do not care about anything else.

    I of course disagree with satmar.

    What really gets me upset is when Agudah connected people bring this rebba to their homes or go to their functions. Same with Agudah folks meeting with Tuvia Weiss in Israel as was shown in a picture in this past weeks Hamodia.

    Agudah what are you guys thinking? Have you all lost your heads?

  12. While I can’t judge if they should or should not push it off one week in consideration to the NYPD, I don’t think this is a chilul Hashem.

    They have the right to protest this week and, evidently, were given a permit to do so. I presume they deliberately chose this week, even though it will make the cops’ job harder, because they to get out their message to Christians as well, and this is the week to do that.

    Like a good “Galut Jew”, the Zionists prostrate themselves to the gentiles and want nothing more than acceptance from the gentiles. Almost as much as they want their money. So if those same gentiles were to listen to Satmar and correctly condemn Israel for their further despicable acts against Chareidim in Israel, perhaps Israel would leave the Chareidim alone and perhaps even allow them to work without the prerequisite of IDF service, to win favor in the eyes of the gentiles.

    That’s my guess.

  13. Aha. to close 2 lanes on the fdr & 2 lanes on 3′ ave last week for road work the Busiest week 1000 of ppl on the road that’s not a problem but 2’ave. what u don’t see more ppl this days No

  14. Those of you criticizing the Satmar decision are forgetting the Satmar mitzvah of being a pain in the neck. It is part of Hashem’s way of testing the rest of us, to see whether we can fulfill the mitzvah of ahavas yisrael.

  15. to the person who wrote “Agudah what are you guys thinking? Have you all lost your heads?”

    The Israeli government (i.e. the zionists) believe that cutting off funding to yeshivos and the threat of two weeks in jail for yeshiva students will force the yeshiovs to close down and that thousands upon thousands of hareidi yeshiva students will put down their gemaras and march off to war. The problem for the zionists is that isn’t likely to happen. One option would be to ignore the hareidim who oppose the state, be content to stop funding Torah (not that it takes much to get them to do that), and look very foolish.

    The remaining option would be take serious measures to force the hareidi community to surrender, such as mass arrests and long term internment in military prisons, denial of access to welfare state benefits (i.e. ban hareidim from Israeli medical care unless they pay the “tourist” rate), seizing the money raised abroad for yeshivos, etc. Such measures are being discussed in the hiloni press. If that happens, the people such as Agudah would more or less be forced to admit that the (original) Satmar Rebbe was right, and to “do tseuvah” and again be hard core anti-zionists. Of course, the threat of this happening is probably the reason it won’t – but it makes sense for Agudah to be respectful of Satmar and the Eidah Hareidis.

  16. 419elm (15) Why is it so hard to understand why Chareidim may not go to the army and the chillul Hashem they would cause if they go? Admorim are of a different opinion than you. Rather stay Jewish roaming the street than go to the army coming out like a sheigatz in order to make money.

    Chareidim doing something positive to safeguard Judaism is not a chillul Hashem at all but a kiddush Hashem. For all those who claim otherwise, why don’t we hear from you about the chillul Hashem secular Jews are doing with their draft compulsion in order to secularize religious Jews.

  17. ANTI-ISRAEL gatherings are bad for JEWS in all venues. If you want sympathy and understanding for bris milah….you lose it when you step on the toes of others.

    Tolerance for Jews in AMerica (and even NY) is conditional on following the edicts of the city. Don’t mess around with the XMAS season is on the top of the list.

  18. its rav tuvia weiss and they invite him in to their home because hes a groise yorei shomayaim a lot bigger than you i bet he never called another talmid chochom by his first name and ppl want yorei shamayims in their home

  19. To those who think American Christians give two hoots about the Israeli draft laws – you’re nuts. They worry about the economy, Obamacare, and crime. It doesn’t matter what the size of this protest is – these people don’t care.

  20. The Satmars of Kiryas Joel only care about themselves. They SHOULD serve so they can feel what it’s like to give for a change instead of always take take take. They do not show respect for others…Shameful