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Photo Essay: Satmar Of Kiryas Yoel Holds Anti-Israel Protest In Manhattan On Tuesday Afternoon

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58 Responses

  1. Yasher Koach…Even thought I am not Satmar, I admire how they stick to their principles.. I may disagree with their view on Israel, but they stick to their view..That’s real standing sellouts.

    I wonder why other groups( RCA(condeming), and more Torah observant institutions have not been as steadfast as Satmar in sticking up for a Jews right to be peaceful conscientious objection and the right to full time study in Yeshiva.

  2. a real ohaiv am yisroel would never do this ,they realy dont care about the bnai torah its only an opportunaty to vent their sinah for other yidden. The way to sway the chilonim is whith ahava not with dirty sinah.These mislead people are driven by their mislead leaders. Why is it all roshai yeshivos are against this shame parade———-WHY??????

  3. Why aren’t they wearing tzitzis on the beged that they are all wearing???
    It looks like some guys made sure that they were no corners, but from the pictures it looks like a lot of them have mammesh daled kanfos!

  4. Of course they are 100% correct. Nothing to be embarrassed about; on the contrary, this is something to be proud of.

    The Zionists and Israel are plainly anti-religious. Zionist theology and its reason for existence is to, CH”V, replace the Jewish people with a Nationalist goy Hebrew nation.

    B”H they have shown the world that Zionism is not, lihavdil, Judaism.

  5. The are making a mockery of themselfs and of judaism,the nonjews are lughing at how theese bozos are fighting against their own kind,no wonder the goyim dont like us.

  6. If they would have voted at the Israeli Elections as per the instructions {=Pesak} of all the Gedolim, the Religious parties would have had stronger representation in this 19th Knesset, and there would have commensurately been less necessity for this callous march.

  7. We all should have tremendous hakaras hatov to Satmar for providing us with good clean entertainment. They are wildly entertaining and their rebbes just add to the intrigue. This is great stuff.

  8. Yesterday “akuperma” wrote:
    “One can’t be a pro-war zionist dependent on government funding and not look silly saying “oh, but my son is too hashuv to be in the army – but your son, he should go.”

    1. How can he call the holly Yeshivos “pro-war zionists” I don’t know. What is taking back from the pot a fraction of what you put in has to do with identifying with zionism???

    2. I hope he has enough religious stamina to say: It’s not about too chashuv or not, it’s about protecting the nation. The Torah is the ONLY way to protect. and

    3. In the eyes of Satmar it’s all about protecting yourself. The protection of Klal Yisroel isn’t on their lips. If it would be, they wouldn’t make such an absurd statement that if you take money you have no argument to save the Yeshivos.

    Then he writes:
    “Satmar doesn’t have that problem. If the government recognizes them as conscientious objectors and exampts them, it will turn off the loudest protests – and force all other frum Jews to accept that they have to decide between being hareidi or being zionists, and to stop the hypocracy of trying to be both.”

    1. I don’t think anyone of the zionists (in the real sense of the word) is thinking to differentiate between those who take money and those who don’t. It’s just Satmere wishful thinking. Again, taking money that is coming to you for what you put in (and chareidi put in a lot!) doesn’t mean you approve of the state at all! – Get it through your head!

    2. Not voting in the Election IS what brought upon us this G’zeirah, according to the Chazon Ish, The Steipeler, and more and more…

  9. They just roam the street and do noting and know noting let them go do service for the country then they would do a good deed for humanity

  10. Thank you, #1 for seing the good side in us, satmar -the staying on the same principals. Yes at every protest, satmar keeps the rules and regulation, and march or chant quite orderly . My family , who parcicipates at .times, have told me. Some coments show ahavas ysroel. It gives satmar comfort. Remember we do not befriend Iran, and do not endorse those who do Tx.

  11. I hope someone shows the pictures of this demonstration to the rebbes who are making a pilgrimage to New York and who are hoping to join forces with these clowns.

  12. Seeing the photos and reading the comments I notice that the biggest Jew hater is no other the the one naming him/her self as torahyid. Not even one good word on hundreds of jews that are shomrie torah and mitzvos and follow the p’sak of the bies din.

  13. Maybe all of the Satmars living in Israel should move to Kiryas Yoel.

    I don’t understand why they didn’t go to Israel to demonstrate there. It certainly would be less of a chillul Hashem.

  14. You’re linking them to NK who’ve sided with the Arabs. But what these people are saying is hard to argue with. Is there any doubt that Zionists hate frum Jews? Is there any doubt that the frum Jews were in EY first, then the Zionists came and built a whole secular society around them, and now insist that they become part of that secular society?

  15. Satmars work. Maybe 1 2 years in kollel and then work. WORK SUCH AS store keepers, manufacturers, electricians, teachers, EMT, accountants, etc. They are demostrating against forced army service

  16. I consider the whole protest 1 big Chillul H. As long as the Streets looked the way it did today all over Boro Park & many many other places around the Tri-B. with pieces of paper regarding the Satmer protest is the City – Its gona take a long time for all of it to dissapear.
    This whole Satmer protest is a big joke and only takes place for some selfish agenda. ??
    All these jokers should get down and clean up the horrible mess.

  17. Step aside: you have no idea but Satmer has tens of thousands of followers in New York alone! They’re not joking and won’t give up their fight against the Israeli government!

  18. I sincerely appolagize regarding my previous comment.
    I should have read the papers scattered around the streets more carefully. I just realized it had nothing to do with Satmar. Im truely sorry that I vented against Satmar. Trust me, I was only upset at the tens of thousands of papers scattered around the streets in many neighborhoods. I just realized it had to do with the Kevarim in Zion land.
    I really love Satmar as you can tell already. SATMAR ROCKS!

  19. #32- It is disingenuous to imply that Satmar’s fight is ‘against the Israeli government’. It’s fight is against no less than the very existence of the State of Israel. Yes, the wretched and twisted theology of Satmar requires no less than the destruction of the State of Israel. Its theology is very distinct from that of the Agudah, which seeks to significantly change the character of the state but never ever desires its destruction c”v. As for Satmar’s ‘tens of thousands of followers in New York alone’, well, the State of Israel has many millions of Jewish followers in Israel alone and many millions more in the US and around the world. Satmer’s fight then is not only against the State of Israel but against the Jewish people.

  20. They may be right in their opinions – or they may be misguided. We’ll never know.

    What we do know is that they are not achieving anything positive; neither more Ahavas Yisroel nor support from the Goyim.

    If anything, they provide our enemies with ammunition against us.

    Either way, I sure hope they are not hypocrites – and that they don’t use any services that the State of Israel provides (like the phone system to talk to their family in Israel, or the mail system to write them letters), nor use any innovations that State subsidized companies created.

  21. #35: I am not here to convince you, or anyone else here for that matter. I’m just telling you like it is. Satmer is steadfast to their belief. They’re not going to change their mind. They are following their leader The Divrei Yoel ztkl.
    No matter how many years pass since His petirah, His teaching remains steadfast and always will!!

  22. #37- I am fully aware of the fact that Satmar is deeply entrenched in its sinat yisrael. In my previous comment I did not deny it. To the contrary, I wrote of the scope of their sinat yisrael and made the point that it is not, as you previously implied, limited to the Israeli government. Their dedication to hatred is not in question.

  23. “They are following their leader The Divrei Yoel ztkl.”

    I wonder what Reb Yoelish would say if he were alive today. I sincerely believe he would condemn these disgusting rallies with all his might. The purpose of these rallies is to cut off all aid from Israel (money and security wise) even at the expense of Jewish lives.

    Also the sinas chinam is atrocious. We are supposed to be a light unto the nations, to show them that there is nothing apart from Torah. All the seculars see from these rallies is that the more Torah you have, the more you get to use it to show you have more self worth as a human being and the more of a right you have to hate others. Rabbe Nachman tells about finding a nekuda tova in another yid, even if he is the biggest rasha, and through finding that nekuda tova, the person will maybe do teshuva. These ralliers, instead of doing what they can to help the Zionists see the truth, do whatever they can to separate from them and to prove that they can hate more than the other team. I’m sure Hashem was proud of their rally.

  24. #8 their grand grand parents was also like them ?
    or they did something that no Christ does ,to deter and shift from their own ancestors ,we just had in the news last year ,one of the biggest Nazi and antisemitic of our time ,become fully Jewish after he find out that this what his mother was “

  25. #13 first where the proof ,what they are thinking ,its all in your head ?
    second ,as long they laugh in good mood and don’t give us trouble ,that’s already achievement ;
    our treatment by gentiles has other rules then provided by nature ,its provided by what leads nature itself ,the Torah!
    as long we follow Torah rules we are on the right track ,and we always in the better treatment stage !don’t you see that the laws of nature is not relevant to Israel’s relation with its surrounding ,its strange and odd in compare how any other nation gets results from their input
    connect to its outcome ;because Torah boss on Jews not sole nature ;

  26. #15 you using the intellect of kill your enemy by become hims friend ,but in our case add to it anesthesia that we not even aware as we moving closer and closed to void our opposition to Israeli as a nation with army ,all by your guidlines and your gedoilim ,
    kol pertza sheeino min hagdoilim oeino pertzsa

  27. #29 let me just add .on what basis they have right to punish us for not becoming like they are ?
    did we punished them for not becoming what we are ?
    the country of Israels is OURS not theirs ,it was given to OUR father Abraham ,and we inherited as hims sons ,and the right we have now in exile on isreal is an obligation not to abandon it by all running away to live in kiryas Joel ,and by preserving the exile;e status at this moment in having isreal governed by any decent gentiles may it be UK may it be UN etc and get all these hell out of there

  28. #36 wrote If anything, they provide our enemies with ammunition against us.

    who cares about enemies ‘who cares about ammunition ‘
    BUT in order we not be in harms way .we MUST obey all what torah wants from us !

    and if a fellow jew does violate the Torah at its such fundamental demands ‘ and in such demonstrative way ‘and is doing it using our name ! isreal we must show our opposition in the most demonstrative ways ;

    if any one like to call this chilul hashem ,===
    eis lasois lashem hiefiery torusechu

  29. #38 when your 6 year son manage to grab your cars keys and getting into your car to drive , out of your sinat yisruel sorry your ahavas yisrul how would you react and respond ??

  30. #39 if your beloved son is chas vashulem in intensive care and his deadly disease is very contagious ,meaning it kills without doubt ,while he still needs you alive in order to get him healed ,you go ahead and find the nekidah tovah and on that basis get him to heal BUT you stay away far from him ,other wise the contagious will reach you together with the nakuda tovah that you found and both of you will find yourself s chas vashulem killed !
    if you want have them return to be toraqh jews ,just keep praying for them like duvid hamalech did ,and actualy in some cases he prayed for their dead ,that’s a complicated issue ,not to be discussed here

  31. too bad they never recognised the miracle of קום המדינה because now they position themselves as למשלינים לא תהי תקוה and that comes with a pretty horrid dollop of כרת. If they were being attacked in the US, for some reason, persecuted for being Jewish, I’m sure they’d come running here on the first plane out, and even EXPECT us to send planes out! With brethren like that, who needs enemas!

  32. #84 and if that happens in isreal then will all run to usa !
    and if that happens in usa chas vashulem we all run to isreal that holds true when isreal were governed by the Turkish or by the uk ,but now with Zionism we are not safe there physically neither spiritually

  33. 49-starstern. Despite your sinat khinam towards fellow Jews in Israel, and your sect’s repeated attempts to undermine us, Hashem seems to think it’s okay we’re there, so we must be doing at least something right; but here’s an absurdity, my fellow Yidl: were you to come to Israel because you were persecuted out of your home, I doubt we’d show you sinat khinam of the same degree and refuse you entry. Your goof and neshoma are both starved of true ruchnius, and you should be ashamed of yourself. If you don’t believe it’s right to be in Israel, don’t live here; but at least take a moral and ethical stance and don’t actively try to arouse the goyim against your fellow Yidden: for do you remember the last bit of that phrase, ואהבת לרעך כמוך? Yes, the last bit. What does it end with, starstern? אני ה’ אלוקיכם – so it’s not up to you to undermine us. You must be decent if only because you profess to live according to Torah, and to the best of my knowledge, that is smack bang dead center of Torah. So is your entire life a lie?

  34. let me explain it this way
    satmar does these demonstrations because they have nothing else to offer to anyone
    especially their youth
    ball playing is not allowed
    riding a bike is not allowed
    just fighting with your brother
    calling everyone who doesn’t agree with your shita
    a sheigitz koifer and other terms

    satmar has to realize that their rebbe ztvkl was a great man
    but primarly a daas yochid

    the klausenberger rebbe who they were roidef and treated
    like garbage
    vishnitzer rebbe
    the rizhiners and boyan etc etc etc
    did not hold like him
    however their tolerance for a different voice is zero

  35. 50 wrote ;your sect’s repeated attempts to undermine us, Hashem seems to think it’s okay we’re there, so we must be doing at least something right – …….
    well ;that’s a tough one”,but let me try to put things in its right perceptive ‘= its common sense ,and so you teach your kids or should teach them ‘ if they are surrounded by low life morality standards kids of any sort and you try to educate them to be different then them ,and to be what they to perceive as BETTER then them ,in order your education to take place to get its influence ,you of course undermine those that you want your kids to be different and what difference in order to sustains and get preserved a difference of better ,if you are to be better then the other one is undermined ,is this clear ? nobody can judge anyone whether he is a undermined person ,only g-d goes in into that registry of seeing how your quota match your capabilities .. and is rewarding and or punishing accordingly and that is non of any of our business ! BUT when it comes to judge things not people things done by people ,we are to judge whether its right or wrong according how close and far it follows the Torah commands ,so we able to undermine a doing a thing accordingly ; including in that will as responsibility add two things 1] wii say out loud that that way is the wrong track and wont win or earn by keeping on it ,visa verse will just win and earn by leaving it ,in order to try to get on the right path in life
    2]one can always leave that wrong track and get on the right one to extent that will fix all the wrong of the past as well
    = every one has free will ,the back bone of it enable to reside is awareness ,to listen and to think to hear and be sincere open to get it right and better ;its a win win only :
    then there is another thing involved ,our own perverseness ,not to get overwhelmed and lost ,we are to be friends and marry only ones who fits our standards ,the same you do right ” we have rules whom we may say he is still ours he just mistaken ,or he is some extent downgraded or he already within the room of we got hate him and fight him ,its not about undermine in essence its about ACTING that way out of our side in order we to be preserved ; as you occupied with saying chilul hashem and sinas yisruel in order to preserve your dignity ;am not being offending or insulting am just sticku-ing to the facts ;
    now a times that we already not forcing you to be like us ;
    but your people are forcing us to be like you ;
    by kidnapping our teens into your church of Zionism called army ,we getting from your people penalties and jail if not abide ;do we do the same to your people ????????????????

  36. With all due respect to Satmar, I’m sure they did it with the right intentions BUT this IS a CHILUL HASHEM! The anti- Israel government and politicians will argue, if the Jews don’t respect their own country why should we? And this will prove that Israel has an apartheid regime. Having an asifa would be much more respectful then parading anti Israel signs and looking ridiculous in Manhattan. Secondly, by parading in AMERICA what do you think you can possibly accomplish in ISRAEL. They do not care. end of story.

  37. 54 wrote BUT this IS a CHILUL HASHEM!
    if g-d commends are being abandoned and am coming to show my side is with g-d!! i support i obey his command am not yielding to any pressure to be otherwise ‘is this what you refer as chilul hashem ???????
    54 further wrote The anti- Israel government and politicians will argue, if the Jews don’t respect their own country why should we?
    apparently you choose ‘them to be anti israel and respect it ? i choose’ them to no longer be anti and LOL not respect it !
    if one is anti gaza ,does he respect gaza because their citizens support their government ? or that causes him to became even more anti gaza !?
    54 further wrote Having an asifa would be much more respectful
    asifa is part of what we routinely having,
    54 by parading in AMERICA what do you think you can possibly accomplish in ISRAEL. They do not care
    i wont comment on that one since that particular parade wasn’t’ done from my sect

  38. the idea of demonstrate to the gentile street ,that Zionism does not represent us in any way ,is essential ,and is totally unconnected with whether your government care or not

  39. there is a unmodified traditional original klal yisruel ,that klal yisruel got a infection ,the infection is called Zionism ,as well as any virus cloth themselves in original tissue zonism is a virus infection ,it name themselves as they represent klal yisruel ,therefore its a terrible virus and so much get defeated ,hopefully the anti virus mediation will arrive soon by messiahs coming any second ,when we do any chilul hashem or sinos yisrual we use our own identity ,BUT they use my identity for all their irresponsible doings
    they just hijacked me ,i have to eat their cake ,but when am going out on the street screaming and yelling leave me alone ,they still have a problem with that as well ,that only shows how deep rooted and wide spread that ugly contagions virus infection already is;we overcame Hitler ,he and his movement is something more the less the past ,we will overcome Zionism ,the muslim movement against Israel has no similarities to our one neither the way how to treat it has any similarities ,the Muslim are just a by product as results of this Zionism virus ,as soon we get rid of it ,by our own minds = not to sympathy them in any way ,there is no room left where muslim can manipulate on us ,manipulation is directly and only controlled by g-d

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