Borough President Adams Leads Unity Rally Condemning NY Post Coverage Of Stark Murder



The New York Post, known for its vile treatment of pols and controversial leaders, brought together a rather broad range of Brooklyn elected officials and community leaders to condemn the tabloid for its front page coverage of slain Menachem Stark.

“Who did not want him dead? Who didn’t? His children did not want him dead,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, hosting the press conference at Borough Hall Sunday afternoon. “Residents of this city didn’t want him dead. Most important, his son didn’t want him dead.”

The Borough President also announced a $10,000 reward for anyone bringing information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of the murderous killers.

Public Advocate Tish James took the New York Post to task for calling for the abolishment of the Office of the Public Advocate. “Well, let me tell you why today we need a Public Advocate. Because today, the New York Post reached an all-time low,” she said. “Today, you’ve given license to murder.
Today, you have condemned someone without the facts. Today, you minimized and made insignificant life.”

Ms. James called on the city and consumers to penalize the Post. “Every government official should refrain from advertising in the New York Post,” she said to loud applause. “Every government official should withdraw any governmental notice from the New York Post. And everyone should condemn the New York Post.”

Councilman David Greenfield pledged to not accept any apology unless it is published on the Post’s front page in Monday’s edition. “We expect many bizarre things on the cover of our tabloids. But the one thing that we do not expect is to literally kick someone while they’re down and to condone the murder of an innocent victim. And that’s exactly what occurred in today’s New York Post,” said Mr. Greenfield. Adding, “For us, for all New Yorkers, we are disgusted, outraged and appalled that the NY post would dare celebrate – on their front page – the murder of an innocent New Yorker. Even Osama Bin Laden got better treatment than a businessman, a father and a community leader.”

“We demand nothing less than a full apology on the front page by the NY post tomorrow,” he added.

Councilman Chaim Deutsch called on the Anti-Defamation League portest libel against Stark and the Orthodox Jewish community. “There is no press conference, there are no press releases or tweets that can demonstrate our outrage, and when I say our outrage, it means the outrage of every single New Yorker,” said Mr. Deutsch. Borrowing a line from Prime Minister Netanyahu, Mr. Deutsch asked, “Do you have no decency?”

Williamsburg Councilman Steven Levin called out The Post for seeding hate against the community. “What [The NY Post] has done is out of pure greed, hatred, and disregard for human life. It has been done of out of disregard for human decency,” he said. “It is all of our responsibility collectively as a city and as a society to say that we will not abide, we will not stand by and allow a publication known for low standards, reviled for their low standards, to bully our community and to bully our city and to sully the name of victims and innocent people.”

Crown Heights Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo challenged the Post for abandoning the values of honest journalism. “This is really a tragic day that this paper has come out,” she said.

Assemblyman Joe Lentol raged, “The NY Post should be ashamed of themselves.”

Councilman Mark Treyger said the reporters assigned to the Post story should be assisting in finding the killer rather than disgracing this person, his family and community. “This is unacceptable. Where are the journalists trying to find out who’s responsible for this gruesome act?” Mr. Treyger asked in dismay. “We should be working together, not dividing out city and communities, in bringing justice to [Stark’s] family. His grave is still fresh, he should not be out on trial.”

Rockland County Legistlator majority leader, Aron Wieder, as well as local community leaders also condemned the Post and called for justice and fairness.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

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  1. The NY Post is getting much too much attention, for their disgusting, despicable front page. Remember the attention is publicity, whether positive or negative. And
    publicity = advertisement.

  2. This is shocking news.

    get ready for tzaros in klal yisroel to go from tragic to horrific as we watch tragedies happening-daily R”L-& WE still don’t wake up & start doing teshuva.

    On the other hand it is partially our fault also, as we go day by day, we are constantly getting reminder wake-up calls from Hashem to start doing teshuva & return to Hashem with achdus. The only problem is that we have a major problem facing the world today-yidden or not-called FACING REALITY, i.e. whenever tragedy strikes we let it pass us & think we could fool Hashem that we don’t get his wake-up call for teshuva. Thus we leave Hashem no choice but to keep striking us with tzaros R”L.

    i.e. if we all make a promise to do teshuva ASAP together as a nation this horrific time of constant tzaros can come to a end.

    How long can Hashem watch us & not do something to wake us up? i.e. how long can YOU watch your child not listen to his parents before he’s gone too far & needs to be punished? its a potch of love to help the child improve… & thats the bottom line.

    Klal yisroel blew it long ago, when we see tzaros happening but we don’t get together as a nation to do teshuva & beg Hashem forgiveness?

    May we all wakeup ASAP & do teshuva THANK YOU YWN for always keeping me posted with the latest updates in news.

    Due to the tragedies that are occuring/have occured to klal yisroel, it wouldn’t take a genius to realize that all these tragic events (from 9/11 to leiby kletzky to the economy & 7 tzaddikim niftar in 5 weeks etc… i can go on Gush Katif…) don’t happen by coincidence & that each tragedy has a message straight from Hashem (ex. 9/11 did not become a sad day 12 years ago. it has been our sad day for over 2000 years already. 9/11 is Tisha B’av 9 is tisha, 11 is the month of av elul is 12 & tishrei is 1 how does that shock you? a shocking message straight from Hashem i.e. can’t be found in a sefer or newspaper nor is it from me or a Rav)

    Why have we still not started doing teshuva towards mashiach? how much does it take for a person to wake up & see that everything happening comes straight from Hashem? how much longer will it take until Klal yisroel starts doing teshuva & calling out to hashem for mashiach?

    The pre-geula teshuva movement is not the yom kippur teshuva. It’s the teshuva from the heart, where no one will be afraid/embarassed to confront his friend & ask his forgiveness from something that happened even 5 years ago. This is what Hashem is waiting for.

    Perhaps maybe some of us here can help with some truthful answers

    I’m waiting to hear good news soon

    may his neshama have an aliya

  3. Agreed, condemnation for this outrage will mean jack didly squat. The negative comments from the goyim, were in the fact, that he “deserved it” and had “coming to him”, oh and that “wonderful” word, “Karma”. Reb Stark was already tried in the tabloid papers. The goyim have their impressions formed and nothing will change that fact until Moshiach comes and slaps them in the face!! You can stomp and demand by city hall for a retraction, but what will that get us. As a community, we have to each take a major chesbon and reckoning. Obviously, Moshiach is being held back. Our Chachamim have given us many reasons why, but still we slumber and are in disbelief. Most of the world is fed up with the Jewish people, all they need is one tiny match. Have we not learned our lessons, from the Holocaust?? Please, please daven for Moshiach to come, to bring the ultimate peace in the world and reveal the Glory of H’K’B’H, soon amen!!

  4. I do not know when Prime Minister Netenyahu said that line “do you have no decency?” but it is not his line, Attorney Joseph Welch famously said this line to Senator Joseph Mccarthy during a senate hearing when the Senator outed a member of Welch’s law firm as belonging to a communist legal group while he was in Harvard, saying “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

  5. To #5, The Goq- It has become apparent that Mr Kornbluh reports things that are not accurate. He will put his twist in a story to convey a message which is not necessarily accurate. He actually is trying to diminish Mr. Deutsch’s message by implying that he borrows from others to make a point.That he does this, during particularly tragic times in our community is reprehensible.
    What’s your agenda Mr. Kornbluh?