WATCH THIS: AOC Goes On Wild Rant About Jews and Israel


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Socialist, anti-Israel Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went on a mind-numbing rant on Instagram, pointing to the Jewish religion as one that supposedly allows abortions, and blaming Israel for the death of an Arab journalist, despite the circumstances of her death being unclear.

“For people who say, ‘oh, but you’re, you know, you’re, you’re harming a life, I believe this is life,’ well, some religions don’t. So how about that? Our Jewish brothers and sisters, they are able to have an abortion according to their faith,” AOC ranted.

The Jewish religion does not, in fact, allow abortions except for very limited circumstances in which the life of the mother is in jeopardy or being severely harmed due to her pregnancy.

“I think it’s really important for us to have eyes on what happened to Shireen Abu-Akleh in Palestine. You know, she was killed by Israeli forces,” AOC said in another part of her livestream.

“We can’t allow these stuff to be happening with our resources,” she added, suggesting that the United States should not be providing aid to Israel.

So, Ms. AOC apparently did her own investigation into Abu-Akleh’s death, determined beyond a shred of doubt that Israel killed her (when the Palestinian Authority’s top forensic official said he couldn’t determine who shot her and when the PA refused to release her body for an international investigation), and that it happened in a fictional country named Palestine.

Good to know she knows things nobody else does.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. It is very possible that this person is alive due to a sin.
    It says in a few Midrashim, that if a person commits a sin, sometimes that sin may trigger that a “Mazik” is born.
    Example: intermarriage–not following the laws of “Nidah”–there are many examples—-
    It is very possible that a Jewish man did a sin and this “Mazik” was born.

  2. She mixes up Jewish Religion with l’havdil the Zionist state, unfortunately, she is one of many who don’t know the difference.
    Regarding killing a Journalist, she should be withholding money from her own country as well as many others around the world.

  3. I watched the video. You have not reported it accurately. Among other things, she noted that Jews should be able to have abortions (no comma) in accordance with their religion. She does not go into the detail of when a Jew can have an abortion, but she recognized they (we) have a right to practice Judaism. Most of the anti-abortion crowd do not recognize that right, or the looming conflict between a complete abortion ban and Halachah.

  4. Why do you feel it important to quote this filthy demented rat.who the heck cares what this mentally deranged rabies infected sewer rat has to say.
    Unfortunately this Rat represents the morals and thinking of the new socialist DemonRat party, that has morphed into a vicious anti American and antisemitic Marxist one world globalist party.
    Keep on voting for sewer rats like AOC,Schumer ,Pelosi,Nadler,and you’ll find yourself find yourself very soon without a country.

  5. Wow! Her body language says ‘I’m A BIG LIAR’! Notice when she blames Israel she touches her area above mouth. That is one of the things that people do when they LIE or when they make stuff up. Or Both.

  6. Under the law of practically every state in the USA if a cop shoots an innocent bystander during a shootout with criminals, it is the criminal that gets charged with murder. Even if the cop shoots a fellow criminal. Why does it matter who killed the journalist. The idf was in an active shootout with terrorists.

  7. The gemara Sanhedrin (also in Bereshis Rabba) bring the opinion that abortion of a fetus is breach of the Noahide prohibition against murder. The Rambam in the last book of the Mishnah Torah appears to learn out re the Noahide obligation of dinim that a nation that fails to uphold within its legal system the other Noahide laws is fair game for milchama, like Shchem was for kidnapping Dina. Abortion can be used a tactic in milchama. So, a nation that legalizes abortion arguably is justified in being targeted.. with abortions. I don’t know if she means to refer to this or just that halacha permits abortion when the fetus poses an imminent risk to the health of the mother…

  8. Ralphie: Not sure if there are lines outside your home desparately seeking your opinion either, and whether you agree or disagree with her, there ARE large numbers of voters who feel she represents their views. On abortion, she is right/wrong in terms of her comments. There was a demonstration by the Supreme Court building early last week led by “rabbonim” in talesim that attracted a decent turnout in opposition to the likelihood of Roe being overturned. Since I’m sure AOC doesn’t closely follow the YWN news page or Hamodia, her understanding of “Jewish” doctrine on abortion is shaped by her narrow exposure to fairly progressive and left wing reform/conservative political groups which oppose any change in Roe.

  9. This is just plain dishonest and ridiculous beyond words! What a FAKE headline! I watched the video and expected to see her badmouthing Jews or Israel but no such video was presented here. please show us where AOC goes on a “WILD RANT ABOUT JEWS AND ISRAEL” . Saying that abortion is allowed by the Jewish faith is a wild rant?!! By the way it is 100% true! many Poskim hold that abortion is allowed until the fetus is viable and can live on it’s own. So saying “our brothers and sisters of the Jewish faith are allowed to have abortions” is this a “WILD RANT” ?? On the contrary she was very respectful So she said that the reporter was killed by Israeli forces? Well that is what the world thinks and is a far cry from a “wild rant” against Israel. This is the most dishonest headline I have seen in YWN in a while!!! Dishonest even by YWN standards!!!

  10. Don’t those eyes remind you of a rabies infected sewer rat.
    Actually this filthy treasonous witch has the morals and brains of a sick rat.

  11. What is the issue with what she said about Judaism and abortion? The Jews she hangs out with are liberal Reform and Secular Jews that push the narrative that Judaism always allows abortion. You can’t expect her to consult with every denomination. When Trump was in office he mainly worked with the Orthodox so the Orthodox narrative mainly was put out there. Did you expect Trump to put out all Jewish narratives? This is why it’s important to be politically involved even with politicians you disagree with so hopefully your narrative will be taken into account. But you can’t complain when a politician who identifies with another group doesn’t push your narrative.

  12. @ chugibugi You ever thought of starting your own “conservative” radio talk show? You’d fit right in, with those amazing rhetorical skills.

  13. Chugibugi:
    When someone says something so extreme like “look at her eyes they look like a sewer rat etc. it makes one think that they actually have quite a different feeling about her looks and they try to fight off that feeling by going extreme in the other direction saying something obviously nonsensical. Just saying….
    Truth is many conservative republicans try their best to disparage her because they can’t take that the progressives have such an intelligent articulate and yes pretty good looking spokesman. She has a tremendous following not only among her constituents but nationally. She is a super fundraiser and extremely successful and powerful politician. Calling her witch or rat just shows your childish boorish tendency.

  14. AOC should get an apology from YWN for slander against her. (Don’t worry, she isn’t expecting one.)
    The title of the article is a total lie.

  15. Don’t you get it…her marketing plan is beyond genius…her name is ALWAYS in the news…good or bad as long
    as you spell her name correctly…
    Her enemies, specifically the Jewish people (racist by definition) and Israel ,are not really (sic) well liked,
    Therefore TheYeshivaWorld, and everyone else, helps keep AllOutCrazy in the news…name recognition makes for more votes from the ignorant…So, if you want to shut her up…..STOP LISTENING.

  16. Whether life begins and conception, or whether abortion is the same as murder or whether abortion is sometimes allowed these are all deeply rooted theological questions and each side makes strong arguments. Bottom line though is government should not be in the theology business. I don’t want the government imposing a theological rule even if I agree with it.

  17. DavidtheKanoi I don’t understand what you are writing about. What do you mean that “She mixes up the Jewish Religion with l’havdil the Zionist State? Please explain the difference to me.