Shaked, Orbach Against Lieberman: “We’ll Ensure Lomdei Torah Aren’t Harmed”


Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked and chairman of the Yamina party Nir Orbach visited religious schools in Zichron Yaakov on Tuesday and used the opportunity to send their coalition partner Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman a message about his mockery of limmud Torah and his plan to harm lomdei Torah financially.

“I’m here with Shaked on a tour of the Dati Leumi educational institutions in Zichron Yaakov,” Orbach said. “We in Yamina recognize the value of limmud Torah and we know that lomdei Torah dedicate their lives for Am Yisrael with great mesirus nefesh.”

Shaked said: “This coalition is built on agreements and we’ll do our part and ensure that lomdei Torah aren’t harmed.”

“Together we’ll b’ezrat Hashem guard the Torah world,” Orbach added.

The chances of Lieberman successfully passing the budget is almost zero, as not only does the coalition lack a majority but Orbach and Shaked are vowing to oppose his measures against Chareidim and Blue and White MK Michoel Biton vowed to oppose the rise in transportation costs in the periphery and two Chareidi cities. However, Lieberman believes that the more he incites against Chareidim, the more votes he’ll get in the next election.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. There are three reasons not frum people like Lieberman or non jews in the State Education dept of NY will never understand the importance of kollel or the yeshiva curriculum in general. One- although in yeshiva there are tests and a man learning in Kollel has the same responsibility to the kollel like any employee there is one major difference. When some is studying for any profession a doctor, lawyer, plumber etc there is an end goal in sight – the license, degree, certification. When learning Torah there may be a test for accountability but there is really no end goal. We learn Torah for the sake of learning Torah. Two – I once heard from a famous Rav the difference between Torah learning and studying for a profession. When studying for a profession you read the text once twice, three times only to pass the test. If there were a pill you can take to learn the information in a moment you would, Then, there are many parts of the curriculum that are rarely ever needed, and it won’t be studied again. In Torah we learn even things that are seemingly not relevant. Third – Go to any bais medrish and yeshiva and you will something very interesting the first grader and kollel man are using the same chumash text. Gemara text too is the same for the beginner in fourth / fifth grade and the kollel man. In secular world every grade has their own text usually age appropriate. I say this is something only Hashem can do. A secular person looks at this phenomenon as very strange.