Surveillance Video Released by NYPD Shows Perp And Possible Back-Up In Stark’s Murder


[VIDEO IN THE EXTENDED ARITCLE] A surveillance video released by the NYPD Wednesday night and published online shows a man police now believe is a suspect in the abduction of Williamsburg businessman Menachem Stark. The guy, putting on a black mask, is seen walking near the victim’s Brooklyn office about six hours before the projected kidnapping.

The video shows a man exiting a white van and walking to the corner of Broadway and Rutledge Street in Williamsburg. A reverse angle view from a different camera showed the suspect walking back to the vehicle and re-entering. “It shows the perp,” a law enforcement official said about the new video, according to Newsday.

Observing the footage, Williamsburg community leader Isaac Abraham pinpointed to the black double-parked car as a possible part of the abduction. Speaking to YWN, Abraham noted that the footage shows at the same time that the suspect got out from the white car, the black car started backing up. This could possibly lead to the speculation that the black car might have served as a cover up for the parked white dodge minivan, since the black car had a parking space right in front on the minivan.

Also noticeable: At minute 01:37, the video shows a Hasidic guy crossing the street in front of the black car and looks right into the car.

Which might lead to the conclusion, that the Police Department might not only be looking for the driver of the white car passing the LIE, but also for the black car that could well have been the actual backup vehicle that drove all the way to Great Neck before burning the victim and throwing his corpse in the dumpster.

The Stark family and the NYPD increased Wednesday the reward to anyone providing information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the killer to $72,000

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. If you look carefully, at 1:15 on the video, if you can see the alleged kidnapper turn left toward Stark’s office and someone dressed in black come out of the office and hand him a small package or envelope.

  2. At 1:15 in the video it looks like one person exits the office and has an exchange with the “perp” . Very scary why doesn’t anyone mention this?