REGRET SETS IN: NYC Making Push to Get Fired Workers Vaccinated, Rehired

FILE - Pedestrians wearing protective masks walk along Broadway in the SoHo district of New York, March 4, 2022. The White House is planning for what it calls “dire” contingencies that could include rationing supplies of vaccines and treatments this fall if Congress doesn’t approve more money for fighting COVID-19. Biden administration officials have been warning for weeks that the country has spent nearly all the money approved for COVID-19 response. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

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New York City is making a push to give city workers fired earlier this year for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine a chance to get their old jobs back — if they get fully vaccinated.

In February, Mayor Eric Adams fired more than 1,400 workers who failed to comply with the vaccine mandate put in place by his predecessor, Bill de Blasio.

Just short of 600 unvaccinated non-Department of Education workers are receiving a letter with details, and DOE employees are expected to receive a letter later in the summer, a city spokesperson said, adding that 97% of workers are vaccinated and that the goal has always been “vaccination rather than termination.”

The development was first reported by the New York Post.

It wasn’t clear how many workers would be affected and a timeline for returning to work was not disclosed.

The mandate required vaccinations as a workplace safety rule. In March, Adams was the target of criticism for exempting athletes and performers not based in New York City from the city’s vaccine mandate, while keeping the rule in place for private and public workers.



  1. So disgusting. They chased them away, made them give up their jobs for a vaccine that doesn’t work AT ALL. And now they have the CHUTZPAH to tell them, we will take you back but we still except u to bow to our senseless demands. I hope they lose their best and their brightest. They don’t deserve them.
    To demand that employees be injected with a vaccine that doesn’t work to prevent infection (and therefore doesn’t protect those around the vaccinated employee- possibly just the employee so it’s a personal choice) or lose their job should be illegal.
    At this point it’s a joke. Every five year old knows the shot doesn’t work. And they still asking for it????

  2. The vaccines are worse than useless. New studies have come out that point to them destroying sperm and ruining women’s cycles. Do not take them.

  3. More foolishness. These workers should be offered their jobs back without the ‘arm twisting’, and with back wages as well. Meanwhile, the adverse effects statistics from those who did take this poisonous shot keep escalating – the data can be found, but typically not on official websites or channels.

  4. viewing the crumbling of a useless and merciless band of insane inhuman actions by animals undressed mentally and physically is now becoming fun…as a FRUM Jew, this simply states what is collapsing and what is growing…..evil is collapsing and G0D is ruling….I like it….never really like people much the above proves it….finding goodness is an unbelievable gift

  5. Adams is a low IQ guy dressed up in a fancy suit. He’s a rasha for forcing this poison death shot as a condition of employment that his communist predecessor, Walter Wilhelm, yemach shemo, put in place

  6. There is now a non-mRNA vaccine approved in US, so the workers concerned about poisoning can take those.

    I am more concerned though about “covid brain” effect that might have affected those who were not vaccinated on time. Hope these will not be policemen and firefighters but some less-essential personnel like meter maids and teachers.

  7. ב”ה I have been fully vaccinated & double boostered, which is best thing I could have ever done, to be safe in this age of Corona, and ב”ה we can feel safe whilst at a city agency thanks to mandated vaccinations.

    הכרת הטוב to President Donald Trump {45th & 47th President of the United States of America} for having obtained these vaccinations with warp speed

  8. If they regret firing them shouldn’t they hire them back no strings attached?
    Obviously they don’t otherwise they wouldn’t insist on the shot
    These people quit rather than be injected with toxic garbage
    I don’t expect they’re planning to return if the city still requires that useless and dangerous requirement
    Probably most of them have moved away or gotten new jobs

  9. @147
    Congratulations, no one cares!
    If you wanna jab a needle in your arm, full of some unproven chemicals, knock yourself out!
    The rest off us prefer to have a freedom to choose what goes into our bodies. We don’t need a bunch of libertard Socialists deciding for us!

  10. @Kach
    There is a recent study from Israel by Itai Gat showing the vaccine has an effect on male fertility. It’s posted on most medical websites like

  11. @ Jat4u
    I no longer trust Israeli government! They used our own people as Guinea pigs for testing these “vaccines”.
    Mengele would be proud, but I guess money talks and Jewish leadership jumps!

  12. @jat4u If you would read the study a few things stand out (ignoring that this is just ONE study): (1) Only Pfizer was tested (2) Only 37 people were in this study (3) At worst it was down 20% count which I don’t think is scientifically anywhere near ‘infertile (4) everyone recovered 5 months later.

    So even if this is full fact, there was no harm done and I’m sure covid would cause the average body more harm then this would.