Suspect Arrested In Moishe Kleinerman Case, Police Issue Gag Order

Copy of the gag order issued in the case of missing teen Moishe Kleinerman.

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An Israeli court on Tuesday issued a gag order regarding a development in the investigation of the disappearance of missing teen Moishe Kleinerman.

It was issued at the request of the police following the arrest of a suspect in the case.

Channel 14 News reported that “the arrested suspect saw Moishe after his disappearance and the police are very fearful for his life. However, the fear is not of Arab terror activity. It is believed that he is still in the country and did not cross Israel’s borders.”

The order, prohibiting the publication of any details of the investigation, including developments and the identity of suspects, is valid for a month.

Moishe has been missing for 94 days.

Earlier on Tuesday, Chareidi journalist Ariel Elharar published a moving message that Moishe’s mother, Gitty Kleinerman, received from a Jew in the US.

He wrote: “I wanted to update you that there’s no shul or mikveh throughout the US that doesn’t have a notice in the entrance calling for the public to daven for your son.”

“I saw a Chassidish boy crying next to the notice. When I asked him why he’s crying, he responded: ‘What do you mean? It’s my brother. He’s already missing for three months. How could I not be in tzaar and daven for him?'”

“Also I met a dear Jew this morning and he gave me $300 to give to you and conveyed his hopes that Moishe will return home soon, b’ezras Hashem.”

“All of Am Yisrael is with you. You’re not alone. Besuros Tovos.”

Elharar also published photos of messages of chizzuk for the Kleinermans hung in shteibelach in Kiryat Sefer.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. In Israel or Hungary {where they had been reported sightings}?
    Either way:- Waterboard this piece of meat nonstop 24/7 until משה is found safely and returned unto his family. Until such time, no relenting of waterboarding this piece of meat, not even for eating/drinking nor sleeping no bathroom breaks.

  2. @commonsaychel
    RE: ‘The shin bet are better then any private investigator’
    The Shin Bet don’t have a great track record. Took them two years to find Yossele. Epho Yossele?

    But whoever it is I hope they find this boy vey soon.

  3. 147: Your mindless advice will hopefully be ignored so that some well-meaning but naive young policeman or member of the intelligence community doesn’t end up spending decades in prison for violating the rules governing interrogation. I’m sure you’d be thrilled to know that any such behavior would likely trigger similiar treatment of Israeli captives.